Do You have The Mental Edge when it comes to PE and life?


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Oct 25, 2003
From observing DLD's, Supra's and others many helpful posts, there is one thing I have noticed and seen touted that may be more valuable than any Penis Enlargement exercise. That is the Mental Factor. It is HUGE. ( I have also observed a Productive Mental factor ocurring more frequently in those who appear to or proclaim to have so-called "mental problems", but thats another topic).
It is obvious to me that much of DLD's enormous success (and dick) is directly related to his mental focus on this area.

The mind is very powerful. I just made the following observation while lifting weights. Note that I always lift one set to failure per exercise. To get failure I will often do partials reps, negatives, and slight cheats ( for example in dumbell curls, the free hand spotting the last few reps slightly). Today I decided all I would do is visualize and will my last reps. When I could not complete another rep all I did was look at the weight in my hand and focused on watching it come up. It did 2 times almost effortlessly. Then when my arm could barely hold the weight, let alone lift it- Instead of watching it- I closed my eyes and visualized it. Sure enough the weight came up as easily as the first rep. I got 3 extra reps, when I was completely done for, just through mental power.

I have to go, so this will be "To Be Continued"

In the meantime, who has tips on applying these mental factors and principles to take advantage of this Mental Zone during Penis Enlargement?


Jun 3, 2003
bigbutnottoo said:
It is obvious to me that much of DLD's enormous success (and dick) is directly related to his mental focus on this area.
Very true indeed! Being able to see yourself where you want to be is a huge part of getting there. Once the mind can see this making it a reality is really just exercise. If you can picture it, and believe it, you can have it.


Its a marathon, not a sprint!
Jun 3, 2003
The MIND is everything.
As I always say without your CONFIDENCE you are NOTHING.
Useing the mind is hard, you really have to try and use it to the best you can.
If you can, well NUTHING will stand in ya way.
I got into the Fire Service and Police cos of my strong determination and mental power ... otherwise I would have failed.
I aint the brains of Britain, but I am GRITTY and NEVER give-in.
Branded a Terrier by my Rugby team-mates I take the Terriers ATTITUDE in life, I snap at what I can when I need to and go with life ... battle with it as I go with fire.
Some would say I am talking SHIT [dash'] but its from my heart and expertise.

Use ya MIND well .... go for what ya BELIVE IN.
If ya want a CAREER in say summut hard and no one has faith in you, FUCK THEM ... have the faith ya'self ... TUNE YA MIND, go for it ... you will win.
Also dont always rely on GOD, he only helps from time to time, not all the time.

Here's to the Terrier in us all.
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