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I was PMing a forum member about this and thought it worthy to share with everyone. Many of us here are battling depression. I have managed to beat that aspect of my insanity back pretty well over the last 20 years (other problems, however, still remain - but their day is numbered too).

My shrink got me started on something a few years ago that I think has really been the key to successfully dealing with the depression, and it is so simple it amazes me I had to pay money for the idea.

Every day I do something fun. The doc said it should be fun, and even childish. I plan it the day before, and carry it out the next day. Does not matter if I don't feel like it, or if I have to force myself, I just do it. Today I am going skateboarding with a bunch of 12 year olds when they get off school (no doubt, my next post will be from Hospital!) One kid has promised to teach me how to "grind".

The last week saw me jump from the drawbridge next to the marina, play Pooh Sticks with a dockhand for an hour, race a Hotwheels down a slide, play on the swings at a park (got dizzy and fell off, but that was kind of fun too), fly a kite I made from a deflated mylar balloon that floated up to my boat, and switched the hot sauce for the mild sauce at a local taco joint. Nothing big, nothing outrageous, just some small fun thing.

It has helped immensely. Planning can be even more fun than execution sometimes (as was the case with the mylar kite that barely flew but took an hour to construct). It injects into each day something that us depressed people don't have a habit of thinking about. And somehow, knowing that something fun is coming today makes the day go by a little easier. And planning something fun for tomorrow helps me look forward to getting to tomorrow.

Anyone else do something like this? It has sure helped me.


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Something I tried do to deal with depression was write down an accomplishment I did everyday. I would write down things such as getting up, gettting dressed, meeting someone new, smiling at someone, helping someone who needed itetc. Anything that made me feel good. It is helping my recovery and I am getting better day after day.


What a great idea! There was a time a few years back that your tip would have really made a difference for me. Writing down accomplishments - what a great way to get yourself refocused on the good and positive things instead of the lousy ones our kind tend to dwell on. Let me know how this works out down the road Pops. And Godsize, you reading this - it's gold baby!
Most of the guys on this board, I would say, are of above average intelligence. I am too. Do you all think this contributes to depression? Do you know if there any studies that show a corellation between smarts and depression... the reason I ask is because I know I have depression issues, but I try to force my way through them/past them. But feel like such a malcontent...I know I have a ton of reasons to be happy and things to be thankful for, but, nevertheless, I stay depressed and the good things I find I usually find a way to fuck up relatively quickly. And the more time i have to analyze things the worse it gets. Although alcohol seems to help a little bit. I know that sounds unhealthy, but it slows down my mind and keeps from thinking too much.

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