Jun 20, 2003
I read the post about shaving and hair removal around the genital region. Some of you said you shave and others said they've had bad experiences with products like Nair.

Referring to less sensitive areas, what do you guys that choose to thin, trim, or remove your body hair use? I got a little on my chest and abdomen I do not care for. I mean, it's pretty thin and then forest thick in spots. I hate the appearance of it. Some guys think of such hair as being an essential masculine quality, but that is kind of an old-school mentality, with the emergence of bodybuilding and the fitness industry. I know damn well there has got to be some of you that remove some of your hair. What kind of methods do you guys use and what are the pros and cons?
I use nair for men. It doesn't burn like some of the others I tried and does a pretty good job at removing the hair on my chest. I hate shaving my chest because you can never get those stubbles between the pecs. The only con I know about is the fact that it doesn't work so well on short hairs or slight growth.
Regarding the Nair For Men, I got a couple of questions, as I've never used anything like that.

Does it burn? Overall, my skin tends to be sensitive. How often do you have to apply it for maintenance? How much does it end up costing to maintain a smooth skin surface? Are there any negative effects such as hair regrowing thicker, as would happen with shaving?
It doesnt burn but when you wipe it off, you can feel the tenderness. I have sensative skin as well and this doesn't bother me much. I havent used it that long so I can't comment on the after effects. I shaved for years so my chest hair is fucked up anyway.

Its about $7 a bottle and lasts a few weeks.
on your balls? Or have you ever used it there? I shave daily!!! Phew!!
I dont think women care if your hairy as long as its not a jungle.
Originally posted by pUNKY
I dont think women care if your hairy as long as its not a jungle.

But my lady does like the hairless nutz a slapping sound!!!
I just dont like hair. Hell, I could care less what a girl wants. Just one look at my new dick and she'll forget all about my body being hairy.
Wonder why the Nair shit works better on long hairs than short hairs? Makes for complicated maintenance.
Today I stopped by K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and Krogers looking for Nair For Men and no one seemed to carry it. Where do you buy the shit? What kind of packaging does it come in? It seems to me I remember seeing it one time in a silver box, though I could be mistaken.
Okay, I found some earlier tonight at a large grocery store. I am doing the test run right now. Got the 8 minute timer underway and I'll let you know the results. If all goes well, I'll use more tonight in other areas while I browse the web.
The area is a litte tender and sensitive to the touch, after the fact. Still, it wasn't a bad experience from that perspective. As for hair removal, I must give it mediocre marks. I knew it wouldn't get every last one of them, but I don't think it even got half of them.
I used it twice in 3 days. I think it very much depends on the amount used. Everyone may have a slightly different result as well depending on the thickness of the hair.
I must have got a little bit on my nipple. It irritated the fuck out of it. :( It hurt when I was washing in the shower today.
I like Epil Stop Spray and Wipe Away. For me it works better than Nair and does not burn me at all. You use it after a hot shower or softening the hair with hot water. You MUST dry the area completely before applying the lotion or it can burn.
I haven;t tried it but I did try some off brand and broke out really bad one time. Test an area before you get all into rubbing it everywhere. Trust me, you won't like the allergic reaction!
I've been trying to read up on electrolysis. I see those home units for sale and I've heard mixed reviews. Found one machine last night that sounded nice, but it was $700. I'd have to be pretty firmly committed to the process before I'd spend that money, at this point in my life.
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