wrapping technique

  1. Lightning

    SiliSleevs Silcone Penis Sleeves by MOS - NEW!

    After fifteen years of research testing hundreds of sleeves with the top practitioners and pioneers of penis enlargement, MOS is proud to announce the SiliSleev and SiliCap. The importance of staying in an extended state after exercise is something people often miss. Many people work out...

    lengthmaster videos

    In the very near future I will be adding a couple of new videos to the lengthmaster forum. The two videos I am going to add will be of the footlong stretch and one of in depth eexplanation of my amended wrapping technique. If any one has any exercises they would like to see with the...
  3. L

    Help Needed Please

    As my title indicates, I am in need of some help from anyone here that can. I have been using the LM for a few weeks now and am having a hard time with my skin rolling up at the end of my wrap closest to the glans. This is causing some extreme discomfort and when I try to use more tension it...
  4. S

    Is 1200- 3600 gramm too much for extenders?

    Hi guys I was wondering if tension of minimum 1200 gramm (max 3600) are too high for extending? Could one counter that by "easing into it" by letting the springs out and just add rods to reach one's BPSFL ( thus using it as a non-spring slider extender)? After some time one could work with the...
  5. M


    end.of.April I'll.be a.year in p.e started.at 5.5 bpL 5.5 girth ... so.far.gained 1.5 length and.. 5 girth .if I.get.hanger how.much.more.can.I.gain.length and.in what time I.want.to.be at.least9BP
  6. P

    Length Master vs Size Genetics

    I'm currently trying to decide on which piece of equipment I should buy in oreder to increase length. I currently have the Bathmate Xtreme, which is awesome for girth from my experience so far, but I just have not been able to come to a conclusion as to if I should buy the Length Master or...
  7. M

    Houston we have a problem

    So these past month's have been great with my extender but all.of a sudden the mother fuxker keeps slipping off every 30min. I don't get it and I even took tor bars cuz I.thought I moved up to fast and that still didn't work ????? help a brother out.
  8. S

    You know what would be a huge breakthrough in PE?

    An easy to do, all inclusive wrapping technique! If they could invent some kind of wrap that would just automatically wrap around your dick perfectly, that'd be a game changer. I've tried so much to get the proper technique, tried so many tutorials, but none of them work for me. How come no...
  9. T

    My length master is giving me pain

    So my lm use to be great it use to work well it never hurt me I strapped it on great A few months later it hurts so bad i cant finish routine or be intense It slips up snd cuts me and my head I couldnt finish my last two days cause it was cutting me I already have 1 big cut across my shaft...
  10. I

    Routine questions

    I've just started hanging but am by no means new to PE. I've been stretching pretty hard over a year or longer but am new to hanging. I'm trying to break a plateau and stretch the suspensory lig more. I started about a 3 weeks to a month ago after I got the LM. I started with 10lbs. At first I...
  11. MoS-Newbie

    Experience with "AB Silicone"?

    Hey guys, I've placed 2 orders on AB Silicone - Male Enhancement. They ship with USPS and both of my orders seem to be stuck at "Shipping Label Created" (The first order dates May 21, 2015, the second one May 29, 2015). I really need their sleeves for a good wrap to use my LengthMaster...
  12. B

    what better way to go over the ligament pain and keep doing the exercises

    I always feel my penis with pain and fatigue in the routines, have any way to get around this to make the exercise a maximum.
  13. U

    Lengthmaster 3rd gen with a phallosan attachment head idea

    Has anyone ever used the vacuum bell attachment of the phallosan as an aid for manual stretching? I feel that manual stretching is the best pe method but also somewhat taxing and not very good on the back and shoulders. The lengthmaster is great, don't get me wrong, but it starts to feel...
  14. B

    BIB Hanger Blues...

    i bought this device several years ago and never could get the device to fit right. it either cut the blood flow to my head(very cold skin), numbing sensation, difficult to attach or twisted on me. i just started back doing pe a couple weeks ago and want to try the bib hanger again. any...
  15. grow4me

    my edging expirienced happy and confused.

    ive recently started to edge to improve my staying power, ive been edging for an hour then bustin a nut after. whats just happend has confused me, when i've been edging i watch �naked people movies� and just wank until i can feel the cummin sensation start then i hold either a strong kegel or reverse kegel i'm...
  16. I

    Shxtty workout

    I had a real shitty workout this morning. I was trying to do myMOSstretch routine and I like to wrap before I stretch to minimize skin stretch and better grip and for the life of me I could not get a comfortable wrap. Everything hurt. My skin was sensitive, my glands hurt. I could not get a...
  17. N

    Wrapping choices; Divosuit, UJW, Stealth???

    So I am currently looking into some form of extended elongation after my length exercises in my SG and manual stretching, and would love feedback from anyone about these three as I am really interested in the stealth and divosuit as I have tried the UJW way. Firstly there is the...
  18. J

    How to prevent skin overlap when wrapping for LM

    Hey Brotherhood, I was looking through other threads and never quite found the answer, so hopefully someone can help. I just got my LM today and the issue I am having is wrapping. I have some excess skin (I am circumcised) but still some loose skin from FR. I have tried ACE bandage and...
  19. ADF

    ADF's LengthMaster Thread

    As great as the LengthMaster is, there still remains the issue of wrapping for a pain free comfortable use of the device, and if you think that's going to happen, then you don't understand the intention of it's purpose. Which purpose is to stretch your penis to an uncomfortable tension so as to...
  20. youknowme123321

    Need Help Brother! I may be in the wrong but feel I am not

    I enjoy this forum. Always have even as I've come and gone with how much time I spend on here. The one correlation I've made is when I stay active on here i stay more active in my PE routine. I appreciate everybody who takes the time to help with what follows. I just want to know if I am really...
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