1. Lightning

    September Prize Giveaway....Get involved and win BIG TIME! Rules inside.

    OK Brothers for this months posting contest, here is what we are looking for: • Creation of new informative threads • Replying posts helping newbies or veterans • Contributions towards forgotten informative threads to help revive them for new members • Self made videos of new exercises using...
  2. O

    New to MOS

    Hi everyone, I'm new here on MOS and I just have some quick questions for some of the vets out there. Before I start though, I just wanna say that I've dabbled in Penis Enlargement before (about 5 months) then took a break for almost a y2r and a half up until now. I want to start back up and...
  3. A

    The first time she noticed

    Just a little postive re-enforcement discussion. Post a description of one of your first genuine responses from a girl after you made gains. Here's one of mine: A got together with a girl and as she was giving me blow job, she kept pulling it out of her mouth and just looking at it with a...
  4. P

    Compliments females have made about your new penis!

    Won't take credit, saw the idea on another forum but having read through it really inspired me. Post post things your wife, gf, random girl has said about you penis. The idea is just to get some short 'stories' to really help motivate people about what they could achieve. Mines fairly basic...
  5. F

    Mos 2012 championship

    my idea was to make a newbie thread where whoever gains the most is the Champion. But it was brought to me by pUNKY that it should be somthing everyone can join. BASICS The main rason of this is to keep us all motivated with competitiveness but also its meant to help each other share the...
  6. Crazy Doc

    You know you're addicted to PE when....

    You stop your girl from giving you a blowjob, exclaiming, "Woah! Look at that head swell, get off, I need to put my extender on!!" Please chime in :)

    My thoughts to all of you out of LOVE

    There will be a lot of resistance to you reading what i'm about to quote and that is because the devil does not want you to read this, he is VERY manipulative. Try and clear your mind and read this short message. "The Bible nowhere mentions anyone asking for someone in Heaven to pray for...
  8. R

    Her first big cock story

    Copied this and thought it sounded alright to mention here. Not over the top and seems genuine. ------- Author's infos: Female, 32, New Jersey, USA Introduction: I found this site and thought it would be fun writing my own true story. This happened to me just a couple weeks ago. Let...
  9. B

    getting your first 'big' comments from girls

    its so crazy after you make gains after a couple years and girls notice the size diff and start making comments about size :p im so not used to it its crazy hearing it the first few times when a girl says you're the biggest she's seen...its like damn really? naw shes just sayin that.....or maybe...
  10. B


    First of all let me apologize in front if someone already posted this type of exercise. I have no intentions of "stealing" anyones "credits" for specific exercise and i dont want to take any credits anyway im just another human beeing trying to help other human beeings.That beeing said i will...
  11. F

    How do you add that 2nd INCH!?

    I made an inch in length gains in the first two months without really trying. In the 3 years since I've been focused on girth, and have made no length gains. BUT, I did wear an extender for a few months and got nothin'. So, I'm thinking learning the DLD Blasters will be the gameplan. How...
  12. J

    Do You Still warm up and warm down on phase two

    im jsut geting done with phase one i start phase two tomorrow and on ethe online members site it doesent say wether you should warm up or warm down but on phase three it dose jsut wondering so if dld or any of you guys could help me out with that mutch apriciated
  13. C

    what motivates you most to start or continue penis enlargement?

    what motivates you most to continue penis enlargement? More than one may apply but I want to know which is at the top of the list. Gains? Seeing Bigger Guys? Seeing Smaller Guys? Pleasing your partner? Better presentation at urinals and locker rooms? Penis Health? Other? Fun?
  14. S

    Jelq Device?

    Hey I am thinking of buying the jelq decide because I just dont jelq at all. Has anyone tried it? Is it any good? How does it compare to manual jelqing. Also, for an extra $150 I can get a penis master extender with it too. I was wondering if anyone has used this before? It is about the...
  15. R

    Weird question...

    I've noticed that alot of guys when they pee at urinals don't have to aim there dicks down. i have always had to aim my dick down to pee. even when sitting on the toilet i have to push down on my dick or my dick aims right at the lip of the toilet and pee runs down the front of the toilet...
  16. ithiel

    e's back

    Let the games begin. Damn it's been a rough couple of months for me. I don't even remember the last time I was on MOS. Its good to be back, and back doing Penis Enlargement. Bad thing is I lost about a half inch from my hanging gains. Never cemented that shit. Ey man I'm very grateful to be...
  17. 9


    What keeps yall motivated to do these exercises?
  18. T

    Penis did not get bigger

    i wasn't going to make another thread but it seemed like nobody was paying attention to my thread so. i thought maybe i got bigger because while in the pump, instead of only stretching an extra 1 inch inside the pump, it now stretches 1.5 inches more in the pump. That's an extra 0.5 inches...
  19. P

    Need help. 19 years old. Please dont ban me.

    I know I already posted this in the newbie forum but I figured not many other people go into those except the newbs. I need help so I posted in here too so please dont ban me or anything. I'm sorry. I'm 19 years old 5ft 7in 155 lbs, my penis is about 4 inches long when erect. When flaccid...
  20. S

    PE lacks credibility

    I've been jelqing, pumping, stretching, squeezing and hanging for years. True I have not been as dedicated as I should be but my results have never been that impressive especially considering the time I have spent on making it bigger. Now, there are quite a few "leaders" of the Penis...
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