mandingo stretch

  1. L

    I stopped gaining

    Hey guys. I've suddenly stopped gaining at all. I am stucked at 6.5 inches and won't gain anything more. I have been very consistent and had very high intensity workouts(mosly dld blasters). I understand that I have to increase the intensity more but it's pretty hard since I am already at my...
  2. G

    variation of the Mandingo stretch

    This is a variation of the Mandingo stretch that I believe nobody posted before. I can feel the ligs burn at the base of my penis for this stretch. For those that don't know what the Mandingo stretch he's the link...
  3. L

    Recommended exercises

    I thought it might be interesting to have a thread where everyone recommends their favorite exercises. For Length Bundled Stretches of any kind, tunica shredder Fulcrum stretches, because fulcrums run the earth The Mandingo stretch in all directions, because both of the above Heating pad...
  4. kyomoto

    Bpel and bpfsl difference

    So my bpel is 6.5-6.75 and my pbfsl is 6.75, i hear others have an inch more of their bpfsl in relation to the bpel why is mine at the same length? is this what's causing me not to gain? how can i fix this
  5. J

    Introduction, New to P.E

    My name is Joel, I'm 18 years old and decided to get into P.E, more for myself to gather more confidence and to just have a larger package. I don't exactly know my size but I'm around 6.5" BPEL and girth seems average to some. I'm looking to gain length but also girth, this is my journey to...
  6. D

    stealth routine

    So due to limited time from life work, fatherhood, jiu jitsu and just other life shit ive been trying to take a different approach. Ive been doing stealth style work outs. So basically shorter 5 to 10 min session during the day. My only issue is i dont get that same feeling in my ligs as i do...
  7. L

    When you are under the weather...

    What's the usual tactic when you get sick? I am figuring just doing a bathmate session and spending extra time in the extender. Maybe doing two bathmate sessions just because I'll likely benefit from some extra time in hot water anyway. What's your experience here?
  8. G

    Question about Mandingo Stretches

    I have been doing PE for 6 weeks and was curious about the Mandingo Stretch that I read about. I'm going for length gains and was wondering if this would be a safe and useful addition to my stretching routine? Have any of you tried it? What are your results?
  9. W

    Inner penis stretching

    I previously thought that flacid stretching was for flaccid length while partially erect/erect stretching worked erect length ... thanks for those who informed me otherwise. I have another question related to flacid/erect stretching. If you want to release the inner penis, it would seem...
  10. D

    Time to Rethink Things

    Well I've been back at PE for 3 months now, and much to my surprise, I haven't seen a hint of growth (not a millimeter). Currently I do 20 to 40 minutes in my BM 5 days a week. Sets are broken down into either 5 or 10 minute blocks with jelqing and edging in between. Then at night I do...
  11. S

    Amazing new pe methods coming out soon

    i have a total of 6 manulas now that the public hasnt seen ill post sometime in the near future i believe these to be excellent for me and i believe that everyone will love and gain a ton from them also i have an appaorch that i will discuss in the near fture aswell get ready materofsize im...
  12. P

    I need a good short routine.

    Hey fellas, thanks in advance for any responses I get to this. Been doing PE about 3 months now and have some decent gains, no numbers really but me and my wife can notice a difference. Anyway, I am happily married and my wife is fine how I am, but of course I personally want to be bigger so I...
  13. S

    manual streching

    • Shaft/Tunica Stretching (stretching what is already there) • Ligament stretching (Preparing for what is coming) • Expressive Stretching (Grabbing new gains from freely accessible inner penis) i would like for people to put links to these exersices or comment i wanna make a new routine...
  14. B

    Just ordered bathmate

    I just ordered the Hercules bathmate. I am going to be doing DLDs routine which is the stretching in every direction manually for three sets of 30 seconds then 5 sets of 5 with bathmate stretches every direction along with squash jelqs in-between sets. My first question is whether I can...
  15. DLD

    The SRT Size Blasters a stretch and girth work in one fabulous exercise

    The SRT Size Blaster This is the all new exercise is the end all girth and length practice that will pack on inches of girth and length through it’s powerful one way compression. The main goal in SRT and gaining size is to not only stretch the size we currently have but to access inches...
  16. G

    Inner Penis Stretching

    Guys, if I grip my inner penis at the base and stretch all angles will I gain? It seems simple but I'm really concentrating on stretching the actual corpus cavernous not the skin above it. Let me know.
  17. D

    2 Months No Gains

    So I've been at it for about 2 months, probably more now and haven't seen a cm of gains. Here's my routine. I stretch for an hour at least every night. I do the basic stretches to every angle for 3 sets. I do the bundled mandingo stretches, blue whale's other kid stretch where you pull on the...
  18. A

    The Indispensable Pillars of Optimal PE

    Since having a blood blister from improperly vacuum extending with the SG, I've taken some time off and have been getting back to it slowly. This has gotten me studying some of the biggest gainers (as I have done since the beginning) and thinking about my own training. Similar to the primal...
  19. C

    PE routine with penomet

    I had a question for you guys. I have been doing my normal Penis Enlargement routine. Fairly advanced at this point (bundle stretch, mandingo stretch etc.) followed by my 15-20 minute penomet session directly after. I just read on another site that I maybe overworking my dick?? Can anyone...
  20. A

    Manual stretching questions

    Hey guys. I'm new to Penis Enlargement and started a routine with the SizeGenetics. However, I would like to do some manual stretching as well to help speed up gains. I bought a heating pad and put it in the microwave for 1 min. It's nice and hot, so I put in on my pelvic area and penis...
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