mandingo stretch

  1. IamSpartacus

    Tunica deformation

    We have heard about the deformation of tissues and cementing them. However I have heard once the tunica is stretched it's permanently stretched like a piece of leather so therefore is cementing required for the tunica? Or is this just for the ligaments suspencery and fundiform ligaments? I...
  2. H

    Does Bundled Stretch Work On The Ligament?

    We all know that doing bundled stretches gives length gains and also deforms the tunica making it easier for girth gains to come. But does doing bundled stretches also work on the ligament as well or do I need another exercise entirely to target the ligament?
  3. T

    What can i do to really pump up my routine?

    I have about 6.4 inches rn. By the time may comes i would like to be 7.2 inches. As of right now my routine is 5 min of warm up bundled stretch 10 min mandingo stretch and than 40-60 min of hanging and than 5 min of expressive stretch Im wrapped all day. Anything else? Is .8 inches in 6 months...
  4. DLD

    Mandingo Stretch using the LengthMaster by Beardedbaldy

    Many have been asking for a video showing the Mandingo Stretch and now we have one, enjoy and special thanks to Beardedbaldy
  5. D

    Mandingo length master stretch

    Hi MOS, I was wondering if there is a mandingo length master stretch? And are there more exercises for expressive stretching aka internal stretching besides low base grip stretching with a length master? I want to incorporate every exercise for length in my routine! I do length only at...
  6. N

    Improve my routine

    Hey guys. Month ago I have posted that I have some improvements and asked for advises in further workouts. So month ago I was surprised I gained 0.4" in my BPEL and 0.25" in BPFSL, this month I didn't get anything. I was pulling hard and looks like I could get extra 0.25" in my BPFSL but the...
  7. orgasmic19

    PE and EQ

    I what to ask this question best to my knowledge. I was watching a male enhancement video on pegym and one of the PE gurus stated that EQ plays a big part in making gains. I know some guys like a good EQ right after there routine and as for me my penis is usually fatigue and beat. I guess my...
  8. orgasmic19

    Should I keep my routine the same or change it up?

    After taking at least two weeks off from PE I got thought urge to continue where I left off. I guess what really made me jealous was seeing other guys with bigger dicks than myself. After all I just want a healthier and bigger dick. My routine consists of 30 minutes of stretches and jelqs...
  9. orgasmic19

    I created the monster! My progress thread.

    I started this routine on October 10th - 2016. This up coming thursday is a month of PE for me. I am already 5 weeks into my penis enlargement routine. I will post pictures with my stats this up coming thursday. My first week of PE consisted of basic stretches and jelqs. My First Week Of...
  10. B

    heated stretching

    Like alot of people I use a rice sock to warm up. This morning I decided to stretch while it was wrapped around my shaft , i had my usual 5 minute warm up then re heated the rice sock wrapped it around and continued with bundles in all directions as well as the regular stretches in all...
  11. M

    I hit my 6months in 2 weeks

    what I.should add.. I.been doing the newbie
  12. IAmSpartacus71

    How to add intensity to length routine?

    Hi what's up? I want to add intensity to my length routine, and also to make it shorter. I would like you guys to give me any tips or advises you can. My routine starts with about 5 minutes of bundled stretches, then I do DLD pulse 110 45 seconds to each direction: down, left, right, forward...
  13. kyomoto

    Just figured out my new finish and starting exercise

    I did bundle mandingo stretch in both rotations and man i can really feel the stretch near the base. I think im going to start doing this as my immediate exercise after warm up and as a finisher of my routine. This has really hit the tunica hard and i tried doing erect stretch after and you can...
  14. B

    Bigger's Quest

    I have been doing this on and off and quit to frustration and now I am going to give it another shot. The equipment I currently have: Phallason forte - PeniMaster Pro - Size Genetics - Hanger - With weights equaling to twenty pounds Current Routine - - Salv's Quest to Jelqing -...
  15. B

    Blue whale's mandingo stretch

    After learning about the mandingo stretch and blue whale's version of it I have noticed people asking for pictures of how to do it , I thought I'd actually film myself performing this excellent version of an already brilliant stretch. All credit to blue whale for coming up with this version as...
  16. J

    1" length in 3 months

    Starting 7.75BPEL Goal in 3 months 8.75BPEL Start Date : 05/09/16 Stats : Bpfsl 8.25" Bpel 7.75" Nbpel 7.5
  17. kyomoto

    What do you guys think about this?

    I've gotten to a point where I'm just not feeling like I'm making progress. I know this is mental too but I was thinking that I want to completely rethink my routine again, for the 10th time. My current routine...
  18. Sneakystretcher

    Consistent pe

    Hello all, ive been doing srt since September 2015. Started at 6.5" to 7" with (estimated) 4.9" girth. I wear almost all day cock ring and do stretches every hour or so with some ssj at end and cockring to keep expanded most of the day. Havent had a full day off since i started and im now...
  19. M


    so my goal is 9 im a 8.2 already i been doing stretching sense last week im looking to get thickness to is this the right way type this in youtube Jelquing - How To Jelq Step by Step - The Best Jelquing Routine (Exercise in Video) i wanna know if i can do it with one hand to and i wanna know...

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