mandingo stretch

  1. A

    Bpel and bpfsl correlation

    So I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this as I'm trying not to get discouraged but I am getting a little frustrated now, a few months ago my bpel was around a cm longer than my bpfsl i know alot of people have said it's not possible but it obviously is because that was what mine was, so...
  2. G

    Clamping exercises

    Hello brothers I have recently started clamping as a supplement to my routine. (Length in the morning, clamping in the evening) I read that Redzulu had made a guide with a lot of clamped exercises explained? (Both for girth and length) Is there anyone who has this guide, or can link it...
  3. kyomoto

    How to make the upward stretch more effective without tools.

    The title asks it all. How could we make the upwards stretch more effective without the use of a tool like lengthmaster or powerassist. Would upside-down upward stretch have a different feel? Any ideas?
  4. E

    Some input on my ongoing project...

    Hi there I'm working on a small PE project, which involves a lot of stats(from past workouts) to create as much information as possible for my self, but also those who read it. It sounds a little strange right now, but it will make sense when its done. I'll be done by June 1st. Think of if as...
  5. T

    All downward stretch routine

    Can you give me a all downward stretch routine please
  6. Perestroyka

    Mandingo stretch modified

    Yesterday during stretching part of workout, idea came up to perform Mandingo stretch, you know grip with overhand grip, twist and pulling up, my idea was to during Mandingo, grip at the base with the other hand, and twist the penis to counter direction of the mandingo and pull it down...IT WAS...
  7. boohoohoo

    If You Had to Pick One

    If you had to pick only one form of PE for length, and that was the only exercise you would do for a couple of years, what would it be? Please explain why you picked what you picked.
  8. J


    I've come across a few references to this magical "jelly" state you can get your dick into and had been hoping that I'd make it there somehow. Well, mission accomplished, I think. It started a couple of days ago, and ever since then whenever I have a few minutes to stretch and reach down, it's...
  9. L

    Modular PE

    This is a concept that I've noticed dld uses to create some of his biggest hitters, and one that I used for a routine that got me an inch, girthwise, in about 10 weeks, which I went over in my progress thread in February but haven't posted here yet. The concept of creating a bigger exercise...
  10. eugine8plz

    How to get BPEL closer to FBPSL???

    Hey guys, so i need help getting my BPEL closer to my FBPSL. My BPEL is about 7.3 and my FBPSL is about 7.75. I know that erect stretching is supposed to help so i just started doing that today for about 5 sets of 30-45 seconds each (if i can hold good eq for that long lol). So i was just...
  11. kyomoto

    Kyomoto's Simple Progressive Routine for [Length Gains]

    Close this down please- I moved this to my "Key to Gains/A Guide/A Debate" Thread
  12. A

    Expressive Stretching

    Is the A-Stretch the single most effective stretch for expressing inner length? (Disregard the BathMate, for this question.)
  13. A

    Should I go for SRT of for MoS program??

    Right now im working in some specific issues. First I need a big enough head for condoms, then tujica tugs because I know that with the tunica that I have I couldn't make any gain, and then I will go for mandingo stretch since I think is better to stretch the inner penis out before starting...
  14. T

    Whas a good expressive stretching routine?

    So in srt expressive stretching is suppose to be done after girth for 6 minutes. But whats a good routine to be done thatll max those gains?
  15. H

    New Tunica Stretch (the knuckleStretch/Hy-upStretch) ?

    Hey yo guys just came up with something today by Stretching as usual for 20 mins per day SO I grab my Dong behind the Glans with the RIGHT hand while pushing into base and bone with my LEFT HAND... ok so far so good thats what we all know of right now BUT the funny part is to push with...
  16. H

    In my 3rd month(no ERECTGAINS YET) changing Jelqing TECHNIQUE to DRY

    Hey yo GUYS ... i started pe in the END of march 2015 just because i hated my flaccid LENGTH, it was sometimes 2 inches or 3 ... but not really bigger but things changed sofar and my flaccid seems like a stable 4 inches now which I appreciate since I can at least grab my dong now in the...
  17. D

    Question about Mandingo Stretch

    So I have been working stretching the tunica with the Mandingo Stretch but it has been unsuccessful. I can do an erect stretch from the base and it hits the tunica pretty good, so I know what it feel like to stretch the tunica. I really want to get this Mandingo Stretch. When I execute the...
  18. Destroyurr

    Can someone link me the page of that one weird stretch?

    I remember reading that one thread about that one stretch where you lay down completely relaxed and then you stretch your penis up very slowly and you pull two extra inches out and makes for a very intense stretch. Could someone link the thread for me?
  19. GhostRider

    No BPFSL Gains. Need to hit the ligs more?

    Hi guys. I'm doing SRT LengthMaster routine and getting big gains. However while I'm gaining BPEL, my BPFSL stays the same. And now my BPEL caught up to BPFSL. I feel like my gains came from tunica stretching mostly. So I don't think I can improve my BPEL without improving BPFSL first. So I...
  20. 1

    9 and growing

    Recently reached 9 inches erect. Haven't been on the forums for awhile. I have been doing only manual exercises for the past month mainly doing dld blasters, mandingo stretch, erect stretching and jelqing. I plan to hit 9.5 by July. Also I recently starting supplementing with SOY LECITHIN and it...
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