Wearing the ROP 24/7

I'll probably buy one as I have a pretty nice testosterone level and this could probably turn me into a sex beast. It's safe to wear everywhere including the shower and ..... well... it rocks.

Then it hit me however... what if I were to go into an airport and I went through the metal detector passage and BOOM! "Sir, please place all metallic objects and go through the detector again"...

Seriously... would you unzip your pants and take out the ROP?

Has anyone ever dealt with Metal Detectors?
I'm sure it wouldnt be the first sexual object that has triggered the metal detectors. Would dick/clit peircings set them off also?
Worst case scenario you'd go into a lttle room, go "look its this thing here", theyd go "what is it", youd go "none of your business" and theyd let you go, after all its not ticking or anything :)


its great, i wear 2 24/7, one around the balls and one around both...though when I went to court last week I did take them off to avoid metal detection/embaressment :)

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