stoners and winos? Any ya'll out there?


Aug 6, 2003
I was just wondering If many of you out there practice so-called alternative lifestyles. You know partying all the time. Smoking weed and drinking. Maybe a little blow every once in a while or some mushrooms. I know that extacy is all the rage right now but I dont really fucks with it. Just wondering if anyone else out there likes to get loaded and if it conflicts with there Penis Enlargement cause we know if you dont watch yourself you can lose control. Hit back yall
IMHO reckon that folk who do this are chucking their lifes away and really need to step back and re-acces whats in their life.

All I am going to say on this deligate subject.
I seriously doubt many, if any guys would come right out as annonymous as we seemingly are here and admit they used drugs especially "hard" stuff like cocaine.
not trying to step on toes. I just know what I've done and been through and trying to get an idea of the other members lifestyles and if it comes into play with Penis Enlargement
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