Show off your Tattoos here!!



I thought this might be a good idea for a post. here's my only tattoo. got it in the Marines. It's mandatory to get a tattoo in the military ya know. LOL, the thing resembling a vagina off to the left is my chin. I havent shaved in a couple days.


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Here is mine...


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Soon to be! Probably a little bigger.



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Originally posted by penisology
awesome tattoo b0ne!

Thank you.

ItsElectric: That's a nice tattoo. Be sure to give us a picture when you have done it.
My piece starts at my elbow and runs up into the middle of my chest. The picture only shows a small portion of the tattoo (my cam is fucked up but I will take some pictures asap) The art was done by Marc Bode, Vaughn Bode's son, both who are very famous graffiti artists from the late 60's to present day. My tattoo is special to me because of the source of where the art came from. You can peep Marc and Vaughn Bode's work here:


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Uh DLD....where's the tatoo man?? All I saw is a total knockout babe with an awesome tan. Tell Jen I said hi. Hope we get to hang out some day!! But, yea when you get a chance post another pic with the tattoo in it. Nice pic of Jen!
Nice one DLD.

At first glance someone might think thats your cock next to Jen. Nice touch getting your arm tattooed so she doesn't get mistaken. lol
Been thinking for 2 years on tatts. Designing my own. I'm very close to getting it finished. I really want these to be important to me... One of them is in fact a personal vow to myself... but that's all I can say about it.

I'm just thinking about where I should put 'em. Thought about the back of my hands for 2 certain ones...

The vow is already placed...
Here's mine.

Whats up Gardenier?? You holding out on us or, are you too big of a little girly man to get a tattoo?
hey guys im new here and was browsing the pics forum and decided to post my tattoo when i saw this shit....

All Custom designed and Patti Castle is my mother


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