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Jun 3, 2003
I have very sore razor burn around my base. I need to shoot some more video in a couple hours. Is there anything I can do as a quick fix to releive this pain?


If you have the time get some aloevera suntan lotion with lidocane. Just make sure to use it on the bumpy burn parts only. Or try aspercreme. Either one should help.. Enjoy your trip. Your in my prayersBuddy!
I read somewhere that a "secret" of ���� actresses to get rid of red bumps from shaving, is to use Visine.
I shaved when I first started Penis Enlargement. I got the worse ingrown hair that turned into a big ass zit. Now I pluck the hair out with the tweezer. It has worked out great. Plus the hair has stopped growing back or if it does it is thinner. I don't pluck them all at once just a few at a time.
Hmm, I think it helps to cut the hair off first with an electric razor to minimize irritation when you shave. Take a hot shower first and use a moisturizing shaving cream and a nice razor blade such as a mach3 (I use one that is a little too worn out for my face). Afterwards put a moisturizing lotion on the area. I have never heard of using visine but maybe that works too.
There's a product that comes in a bottle called TendSkin that works really well. Women use it after shaving and waxing.
Well my whole entire base is riddled with ingrown hairs. The pain is crazy. It happens everytime I shave so I stopped shaving. Doing all the video work over the past week the 3+" of hair growing up my shaft was very visible in the film so I took the risk and shaved. Now, if it is like times in the past, it will be months before I am normal:( Oh well. Thanks for all your help guys. The ALOE with lanocaine did help sooth it a bit.


I've been meaning to share a tip with you, even after reading your post about shaving problems I "forgot" that I'd recently tried something that is working well for me. You've helped me so much, maybe this could help you ;) I recently bought a "Personal Shaver" at WalMart for $10. These are slightly larger than a pen and runs on a AAA battery, you or Jen may have seen similar things advertised. I actually bought it for my wife ;) and didn't even think to try it on myself until she suggested it.

Frankly, I didn't expect this thing to work well, but when we tried it on her I was pretty impressed with it. It took some time to get a feel for what works, as there was virtually no instruction manual. I've been shaving the base of my shaft for a couple of years now, irregularly. I hate using a regular razor, I can't imagine any guy not being nervous shaving his dick and balls. Not to mention the ingrown hair problems. This little electric razor works great for me, it is a major improvement on the balls which, because of the texture have been very hard for me to shave. Once I got the hang of it, I can shave everything in about 1 minute and I have a lot of hair on my shaft even pre-Penis Enlargement. It may not work for everyone, but it sure works good for me. It's lasted at least 2 months, and I'm on the second AAA battery. If it broke tomorrow, for $10 it's still worth it to me. I've tried some hair removal cream, which worked pretty well but I really hate the smell and didn't like having strong chemicals on my penis.

I'll briefly describe how I use it. The cutting head is about 1" long, and very thin. It is as if a tiny knife blade were sticking out the end of a pen, with no point. Saying all this so that you know the orientation, which you'll see of course if you get one. BTW, supposedly it's impossible to cut yourself with these. The knife "edge" is 2 rows of tiny teeth, which move in a vibrating motion against each other. Whatworks best for me, is if you think of this just like a small knife, I stroke exactly as if I were trying to shave with a real knife or straight razor. With the blade angled, I stroke against the direction of the hair where possible. I use some force, as what I found was that just holding it gently would not work well. You may get the hang of it straight off, but in case anyone tries one and can't get it I just wanted to clarify.

It is virtually painless, much more so than the razor was. Really it causes no pain, just that the vibrating teeth sometimes feel funny on some sensitive part. Bottom line, for me it's hands down the best method I've used. I've had no ingrown hairs or red spots, although once I did get the tiniest scratch when I was too aggresive on some sensitive scrotum skin. If you like the hairless look, I recommend you give one of these a try - $10 isn't a big deal if you don't like it.

I've also seen another "intimate" shaver advertised, which is much more expensive. I'll look up the name of it and post back. I think it's made by Shcik but not sure. I've seen it advertised in a combo pack along with the same type of "personal shaver" which I describe above. I read a female review of this, which claimed it worked very well - this thing is larger and round, the head is round. She said it basically shaved everything comfortably, and the smaller unit was used just for nooks & crannys. I really want to try one of these for the wife.
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Thanks Wes. I am riddled with ingrown hairs and it is not worth it for me to shave on a regular basis. I had to shave to shoot the video but until the next video I will not shave again. When that time comes I will PRE-POST for advice.
WIth this "personal shaver"...do you get any knicks at all when using it close on the scrotum or nearby??? I've used a beard trimmer in the past...and, gotten some bad knicks where the teeth grab the skin.
Originally posted by stillwantmore
WIth this "personal shaver"...do you get any knicks at all when using it close on the scrotum or nearby??? I've used a beard trimmer in the past...and, gotten some bad knicks where the teeth grab the skin.

As I said above, once I got a very small nick in the scrotum area. I think that as well as using excessive pressure, I was stretching out the skin at the time too. Other than that, the hazards have been nil. Don't know about everyone else, but if I can catch it when my balls are drawn up tight it's much easier to shave. When they hang loose it's harder.
wes, I got something very similar, the Igia Micro-Trim. Works like magic. I always wanted to take care of the sac but using a paif of scissors doesnt get close enough, and a mach 3 scares the shit out of me. No probs. :)
Guys I have started using the EPIL-STOP SPRAY&WIPenis Enlargement AWAY for a little while now. It works very well. I have no more problems with ingrown hairs.. It only takes 8 minutes and your done. For pubic hair you need to do it after a warm shower as that softens the hair and makes it easier to disolve. I had tried the nair stuff and was NOT impressed. This does not irritate me at all.. I use it on the shaft and scrotum and about an inch up the pubes.. I find that every time I use it the hair comes back softer and less often. Eventually it is supposed to completly get rid of the unwanted hair. Hope this helps!
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