Jun 18, 2003
I don't know if guilt is the best word to describe the feeling, but has anyone ever felt bad because they Penis Enlargement?

Like for instance, do you ever feel like less of a man because you "have to" make your dick bigger? Like there's something wrong with you because you weren't born with the size you'd like? Do you ever feel pathetic because you're up late jelqing, hoping that you've gotten even a 16th of an inch larger? When meanwhile, there are other guys who never once had to think about dick size and the insecurity and feelings of worthlessness that go with it?

Sure, you could say, "why bother working out then? Or eating right?" Or whatever it is you do to improve yourself? But as we all know, your dick is a bit different. Depending on your job and stuff, your body adapts and gets stronger. It just happens on it's own, sort of. But your dick, will never change and get bigger without these exercises... so Penis Enlargement is no accident. It's deliberate.

What is your true motivation for engaging in Penis Enlargement?

As for myself, I'm on a mission, man. It's become my habit, my compulsion (almost)... it's the hobby I don't talk about with my friends. There's been plenty of times I've wanted to give up, but then it's 3am and I'm stretching the fuck outta my dick. And yeah... some of those times I felt real bad about myself for having to do it. I know that nobody really has to do anything, but I think you know what I mean.

If someone told me a year ago that I'd be typing on a penis enlargement forum and checking out pics of other men's dicks, I'd have thought they were crazy. But here I am.

Sometimes I lose sight of what is really keeping me going. Sure, I want to enjoy that "mission accomplished" feeling that goes along with anything difficult that I try to do, and I also want to enjoy the benifits of having a nice dick, but I think there's also a darkside to my motivation.

What's yours?

I have never felt bad about Penis Enlargementing. I used to feel bad about my self pre-Penis Enlargement because I was smaller than average, but I don't now. Shit all that's driving me now is greed.
Yeah, I hear ya, man. Crush Kill Destroy!

Keep in mind that I don't feel like this all the time. Just on occassion, I get a little glimmer of depression.
NO. Why not turn those feelings into thoughts like "I've got an advantage because I KNOW about Penis Enlargement...not only that but, I DO Penis Enlargement and, I will be bigger"?? OR "because I know about Penis Enlargement, unlike most men who may be unsatisfied with their penis size....I am using this as my advantage and, doing something about my penis size"?? Nobody should have negative or "guilty" feelings about doing pe because they do it and other men could either care less about being small or average (YEA RIGHT...they just deny it) or are already a size they are satisfied with. Keeping negative feelings like that about or toward Penis Enlargement or any self improvement or type of gain in your life that should be viewed as positive for you will eventually drive you away from it.
i started pe because i was so self conscious. it was like i wouldn't get into a committed relationship out of the fear of my girl lookin at my dick and not wanting me. not to mention guys were makin fun of me becuase of the "lack of bulge" in my pants..and when that wasn't enough GIRLS WERE STARTING TOO. then on top of it all, my father...my own father was sayin stuff like "oh yeah i got a big cheloate" which is cape verdean for "dick" although i spelt it wrong i know i did. and then he would make small comments to me about "size matters" and shit. i guess you could call me doing this somewhat of an ediple complex thing. kindda like i wanna get a bigger one than my father to be more of a man

i think that is the true root to my Penis Enlargementing. the fact that my own dad was saying shit like that, on top of kids at school and shit. well now i'm up there in the old size department.

however one of the best days of my life was when my father was joking around about what i should wear to the mall or
something because i was going to wear my wife beater (because i've been workin out and confident now) and some baggy jeans. then he said something in order for me to say "oh yeah i could wear nothing either and give the girls a thrill" and he was like....."well i don't know"......then he stopped in mid sentence and looked up to his right thinking then he was like...."well yeah i guess you would"

i just had the BIGGEST smile on my face and i felt this rush of confidence. i'm only going to get bigger too
my gains are quite slow compared to some people but gains are gains.
i hope i speak for most of us when i say that i Penis Enlargement for self improvement...just as if i were to work out at the gym,read books for knowledge,eat well so that i may avoid health problems later,etc.....Pe does not make us,,we make Penis Enlargement...we make pe increase our size cause we like bigger penises and because it works.....

I pe,therefore i am....(bigger):p
I Penis Enlargement so that I won't be embarrased when I get that fine ass honey home and she wants to fuck cause she is so damn horny.

Originally posted by jojo
I Penis Enlargement so that I won't be embarrased when I get that fine ass honey home and she wants to fuck cause she is so damn horny.


The only thing I feel guilty about is the fact that I know about Penis Enlargement and thousands of other men don't. lol. Not really, keep this shit underground is what I say :)

There's no shame in self improvement. We had no choice with what we were born with and, unlike the rest of our bodies, we've been brought up mentally conditioned to the fact that as far as your dick is concerned, you have to live with what you've got.

We all know better here though. hehe.
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