How to Legally Repair Bad Credit


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Jun 3, 2003
by BigChief/

A lot of people have really poor credit, which equals to a real poor credit rating. Making it extremely difficult to damn near impossible to getting anything financed, I.E. A Car, House, hell even trying to obtain a Department Store Charge Card. Well don't despair any longer, I'm gonna break it down for you Step by Step what you can do to basically get your life back. (Sidebar: Lawyers charge hundreds of dollars to do exactly what I' m about to tell you for FREE!)

1. Obtain your Credit Report- Normally this is through Equifax, (However Esperian is also a secondary credit reporting agency that a lot of finance companies and so fourth report to.) Now, normally to obtain a copy of your Credit Report you have to pay a Fee. But why pay if you can get it for Free right? In order to get them to send you a copy of your report for Free? You have to tell them that you were recently denied credit based on items that are listed on your report that's highly injurious, and you'd like a copy to go over because a lot of the items listed you are un-familiar with (Of course this is a lie too, But fuck it, as long as you get the report) They'll ask you a few basic questions to verify who you are, address, etc...And that's it. Your report should be in your mail-box in about 7-10 Business Days. Here's a # for Equifax 1-877-299-5641

2. Once you have your Credit Report in hand, Go through every single item listed starting with the Oldest Items listed to the Newest, and either check it or highlight it. Once you've done this you're ready to do what Lawyers charge you hundreds of dollars to do...Challenge Those Items! What that simply means is that you will call Equifax back and simply inform them that those particular items are not yours and you would like them investigated. Even if it really is? And you say it's not? By Law they have to investigate... By challenging these items, Equifax will investigate each disputed item, Normally by sending off a letter to the Finance Company reporting it on you. If an account is say 4 or 5 Years Old, Guess What? 9 tims out of 10 The Finance Company who's been reporting this on you all this time won't even respond! And guess what else? Equifax has to remove the item(s) from your Credit Report. Simple as that. Now keep in mind, don't talk too much, Just simply let them know that you'd like to challenge these items because they're not yours and you don't know how or why they're even on your report. If you want them to investigate on-line? Here's their Web Address

3. Once you've done that, Just sit back and wait, In about 4-6 Weeks you will receive a letter from Equifax informing you that they've completed their "Investigation" and the results will be one of 2 things, Either it will say that "The account could not be verified and therefore Deleted from your File..." Or it will say "The account has been verified and the amount reporting is correct and accurate..." Of course you wanna read the first, and 8 times out of 10 the first is what usually occurs! Just like that, Easy and simple. Congratulations, you just gotten quite a few monkeys off your back that's plagued you for years! Now...

4. For those few items still left on your report? Normally Equifax will provide a phone number and address to those Creditors reporting that you still owe. Call them up and say ,"Hey, you know this debt is pretty old But I would like to finally take care of it on a setttlement basis (or something to that effect) They're gonna listen to what you have to say because most creditors would rather collect any amount on a bad debt than nothing at all, Especially if the account was charged off (Charge Offs are Bad and definitely reflect negatively on your Credit Rating, Cuzz it basically says that the debt is so old the Creditor has lost all hopes of collecting, Basically making you look like a Dead-Beat, Sooo NOT Good!) Let's say for Example the Debt is $4000.00, (Now before you even call these people up, Make sure whatever the arrangement you're gonna make you can stick by according to your budget.) Tell them you're willing to pay $.50 Cent on each Dollar owed or $2000.00 and further that you will pay this amount in stallments of $100.00 for 20 months. But on one condition..That the Credit or Collection Agency remove any un-favorable information from your Credit Report. Once they agree (and they WILL) Have your Settlement/Agreement in writing and send them a "Good Faith" Payment of $100.00 After that? You're pretty much "In The House!" Congrats on getting your life back and saving Hundreds and sometimes even Thousands on Lawyers who basically does the same thing that I just detailed in this Post for Free.

P.S. This Method is pretty much void with Student Loans. The Govt really frowns on people who default on Student Loans, And they will get that Student Loan Money one way or another, But at least you can effectively get rid of everything else. Good Luck!


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Jun 28, 2003
Tight post DLD!! I'm going to have to do this because my credit is jacked up. Really appreciate this info!!


Aug 9, 2005
A Federal law was passed that allow each person one free report a year regardless if they were denied or not. To get the report go to and request it. This kinda bypasses the hassle or problem of lying LOL It also allows you to request the report fro mall three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) Hope this helps out.
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