High School Hero


Jun 5, 2003
I went to school with a couple guys with huge dongs, but one guy really stands out. He was a tall quiet kid with a monster tool. We'd seen him limp in the locker room & everybody knew about him (he was about 8-9" limp), but when were about 17 & drinking booze that's when I really got to see it in all it's glory -- when he would get drunk at parties it was inevitable that he would whip it out & bounce it up and down like a diving board.
I asked him at one of the parties, "Shit man, how big is that thing???"
And he would say, "About ten."
But I really think he was at least ten. He was 6-3, but it still looked big on him. He would pull it out rigid & bounce it up and down - it was so straight & thick & massive-looking....but the thing I remember the most was the shocked looks on the faces of the cuties present. The little hotties were just shocked, they were clearly in awe of his mighty muscle and they just gazed at it in disbelief.
That's what hit me the most, that what's I admired the most about him..."THAT LOOK," I don't know how else to explain it.
That shocked, almost worshipping stare of those gorgeous gals who were staring at his shocking horse cock.
I always thought he was such a lucky bastard, but when he wasn't drunk he seemed kinda depressed about his cock....imagine that.
But when we were only about 13 or 14, his cock was the full size then, and we used to put him up to all kinds of pranks. We would be at a public pool and he would be wearing these tiny Speedos....imagine a skinny kid about 5-7 with a 10" cock crammed in a pair of Speedos. We would get him to walk up to people - sometimes girls, usually mothers (in their 30's, 40's, etc.). Watching those shocked horny women - who were old enough to be our mothers - just fixated on his monstrous mound, fumbling, tripping over themselves, stuttering, etc. - it was hilarious!

Quite the story there. I guess I don't really have any experiences like that to share. Despite my love for sports, I wasn't ever on any of the teams, always had gym class at the end of the day so never really had to shower afterwards, etc.
Originally posted by teoman
Hey Waxn, was he a white or a black?

I think he was Purple:D
"Hey Waxn, was he a white or a black?"

After reading that, I'm green.
I had a close friend who was somewhere between 8" - 9" NBP, at least 6"+ in girth. In high school, he often complained about his size because he'd have a lot of trouble sticking it in many 16 year old girls' twats. He told me he wished he was smaller, because often girls would quit trying when he had trouble getting it in. Probably in later life he was happy with it though.
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I know that guy... it was me!!!! :D :D

I just can't even comprehend what it would be like to have those good looking chicks just staring in absolute awe. Sure is different than anything I've ever experienced.
note to self when i have a huge shlong must streak in swimming pool.
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I just can't even comprehend what it would be like to have those good looking chicks just staring in absolute awe. Sure is different than anything I've ever experienced.
Yep, that was my point. It was "THAT LOOK" that kinda dug at my sides. I never had a gal gasp at my cock - probably never will either.
To answer the Q about the guy's race, he was white. He was a mix, like German, Irish, etc., etc.
But I guess it was old news to him, he seemed kinda tired of all the fuss, like it was wearisome. Only when he was drunk would he whip it out, but usually he didn't want to hear about it. But he was "DA MAN" amongst all the gals, of course....feared, worshipped, lusted after, terrifying, etc.
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