Check Out DLD's Song when He was a Rocker...


Jun 3, 2003
Yep, Here it is, what Yall been asking for. This is One of DLD's Songs when he used to be in a Rock Band. The Name of his Band was "Plastic X". Watch my Avatar as You Listen to his Song. Its like watching the Video.

DLD is the Singer in these Tracks.

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Watch my Avatar as You listen to this Song. It's Like watching the Video on MTV!!! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!!!
Not bad man, not bad!

But I think the video is even better.... ;)

Living Colour meets Black Flag? When was it recorded? It sounds totally '80s.
Originally posted by Godsize
Living Colour meets Black Flag? When was it recorded? It sounds totally '80s.

It was Recorded in the Mid Eightys.
Put the whole album up...Damn that brings back memories
I just Added the Rest of the Album to the First Post.

DLD Rename the Tracks to the Right Titles.
Good stuff, not something I would listen to myself....its not quite heavy and melodic enough for me and before my time also lol but hell, its good stuff and the vocals are alright. 'Disease' is a killer track, the speed reminds me of early Sepultura to a certain degree.
Nice. I'm at music college at the moment studying the drums and working on get an album sorted. I liked your stuff DLD, the singing was kind of semi rap. Good guitarist and well produced.
Thanks guys:) This album was recorded in 1989 so if it seems dated it is:D The most fun doing this music was the live shows. We would pack in thousands of screaming teenagers from all over (I had a personal interest in the female persuasion:)) My vocals may seem sort of rap-ish and this is because I hated heavy music, I have always been a rap head. And, yes, we were doing this long before Limp Biscuit:)
martialmatters said:
dld kinda reminds me of RA the Rugged man...or are these just relentless coincidences? ;)

I can be anyone for a minute:)

Actually, I fronted a punk rock band in the early 80's called Cruel Defects out of Baltimore/DC area. Our guitarist was Alex Lane from Reptile. In the late 80's I sang and played keyboards for a gothic rock act called the Heretix out of Massachusetts. Beginning in 89 I fronted Plastic X, the band seen here. PX played with the likes of SOUND GARDEN, WENDY O, HENRY ROLLING, PANTERA, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, BIOHAZARD, I could go on for dayz but it was incredible.

Smaller World then I thought:)

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