Best cures for hangovers


Nov 3, 2003
Hey guys, I was wondering what you all thought the best cures were for a hangover... the wife and I indulged last night (and had fucktastic sex) and she woke up throwing up this A.M. We don't drink alot, and we could have used the advice today. I used the search button and didn't find anything on hangovers here. I know a lot of people have their own home remedies...



Jun 16, 2003
Theres this new pill that you take before you start to drink and no matter how much you drink you wont wake up w/ a hangover. Dont know if it works, i just saw a commerical for it.


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Jun 3, 2003
The best cure I have ALWAYS found is SLEEP.
Just have about 5 hours kip and ya be fine.
Sleeping will help restore them dead brain cells.
Sep 25, 2003
Damn I'm looking for that Holy Grail too...hahaha

I used to always go for an easy jog the day after heavy drinking and it used to bring me back to life

Sometimes getting into a sauna is also helpful...I guess for me it always boiled down to drinking plenty of water and sweating out the funk...hahaha

But I've never had the kind of hangover where I was throwing up the next day...even during legendarily insane Spring Break Drinking fests...

I'd like to hear about those pills
Sep 12, 2003
hangovers are caused by different things. the head pain is from the lining of your brain actually shrinking due to dehydration. often the nausia is cause by the fact that you had food in your stomach when you started drinking. the body will process the alcohol first and keep doing so at a more rapid rate, leaving the food in your belly to essentially go foul before it gets fully digested.

also, when you urunate a lot during drinking you piss out essential minerals, vitamines, ect, because your kidneys are in overdrive. the best way to beat a hangover is to prepare for it and drink water while you're drinking booze, make sure not to have a full steak dinner laying around in your stomach when you go at it, and take some aspirin before bed. actually, i think asprin and booze can kill your liver, some other things like tylenol or something might be better.

as for the chaser pills , many friends have tried them. they might work in some capacity, but if you slam down 20 beers and take some of those (you take them in proportion to the drinking, like another dose every six drinks) don't expect to wake up refreshed like you just had a relaxing 8 hours. i think they just negate some of the headache, maybe queisiness. one friend i knew took them, got shithoused, followed all the instructions, and felt worse the next day than he had in years. i found that after singificantly improving my diet that my hangovers were greatly reduced, but they also tend to be more severe when i'm in the best shape fitness wise.
Sep 25, 2003

I know what you mean about being in great shape fitness wise altering your response to all kinds of things. For a while I used to be big time ultrahealthy. I ate like perfectly and didn't drink or anything, and after several months I went on vacation and started partying...nothing too severe and I felt awful. Even just eating regular greasy food like pizza killed my stomach. The body really is a powerful adaptive machine.

As far as the pills go, for some reason I thought that they were pills to take the morning after. Guys if you plan on drinking so much that you know you'll probably have a hangover and you take pills to try to counteract that I'd say you should maybe lay off the booze for a while...hahaha...but I'm no preacher do what you like :)


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Jun 18, 2003
I've always done this to beat a hangover before I get one:

Drink a full glass of water in between every other drink. It's sounds gay, but you'll have the last laugh the next morning.

And also, drink a big glass of water before you go to sleep for the night. Any feelings of shittiness will be greatly reduced by doing this.


Oct 3, 2003
Great Remedy for a Hangover:

Chug two bottles of gatorade. It's got the electrolytes and fluid to bring you back up to speed.

Or if it's really bad, keep a bottle of pedialyte on hand in a medicine cabinet or something...that's even more powerful. It will rehydrate you in a matter of minutes. Good bye hangover.
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