1. J

    My Bathmate with Daily Updates

    Get a Bathmate Hydromax, Bathmate X-40 or Bathmate X-40 This thread is to log my experience with the Bathmate (ordered from Bathmate Canada ordering to daily use. edit: for USA and European Orders Use: Bathmate USA Ordering Online Very easy. They had a summer sale for $99.99 and it was...
  2. C

    Jelqing at 100 percent

    I wish jelqing while 100% was safe because while doing my jelqs I'm usually end up being 100 percent erect then I wait awhile to get down to 60-80 percent. Anyone jelq at 100 or what are some good percentages to jelq at.
  3. M

    Temporary Gains from Cialis/Viagra/Levitra?

    Has anyone gotten any temporary gains from any of these drugs? I know they wouldn't be huge but assuming maybe .25 in length or in girth possible?
  4. B

    compound exercise overload

    i had increase by bench press by 15 kg( 33 pounds)in a week by doing this Right now, I'm going to unveil to you one of THE single most powerful training techniques that I've ever discovered for making rapid gains in strength in a single exercise. It's elegant in its simplicity, brutal in...
  5. Girth Hammer

    SEEKING ADVICE:Any guys that gain themselves to 6-7 inches girth

    I will keep this short and simple. If your reading this you have great girth size and this is advice for all who struggle with girth as myself. here a few quick questions. 1)How long did it take before gains started to come? 2)What are your favorite exercises? 3)How long are your...
  6. Girth Hammer

    The day after?

    Yesterday I tried a new routine. ROUTINE: Hot Wrap 10 min. Jelq 45 min. Edge with ulis 45-60 min.(10-15 strokes than uli for about 20 secs.) Today my hammer is lifeless. I tried to edge in the middle of the day but that just made it worst. My flaccid is not the biggest but today its a...
  7. S

    New And Not Totally Convinced And Is It Worth The Trouble?

    hi all, first off i can see how this would work, if someone was to pull on my neck every day for a very very long time then im sure it would stretch in the end, so pulling on the penis for long enough will eventually have the same effect, to be honest i tryed the beggining routine only a few...
  8. DLD

    Daily Quote

    Daily Quotes by Abraham Hicks You are joy, looking for a way to express. It’s not just that your purpose is joy, it is that you are joy. You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing. Energy—frolicking and eager—that’s who you are. And so, if you’re always...
  9. L

    Selling New Max Vac and Sheaths

    Hey there, I am selling a Max Vac II (Silver Package) with Sheaths because I don't have the privacy to use it nor do I have the patience to secure a great pull without slippage. It seems to work well for lots of guys, but just not me. Blah. Also, I am a broke student so I really need cash...
  10. C

    MNS/Max Vac Rant

    I'm feeling frustrated today with BTC at My New Size over my Max Vac order. I absolutely hate knocking someone's company, product, or service. That being said I have to share my experience here for other MV potential customers. First I need to say that I'm not telling anyone not to order...
  11. I


    Ok so for the past year I have been on and off when it comes to losing weight and buffing up. But dammit this time I need to lose some. So I was wondering if you guys can help me out. Im 21 at 205lbs and 5'10. Now I have been lifting for awhile but I dont like the results Im getting. I've...
  12. T

    What do you make of extenders?

    Hey, First post! WOO! Just wondering what some of your opinions were on products like Fastsize or SizeGenetics. The products seem to make some sense, appealing to the same logic and methods one uses when various body parts are stretched. For instance, those hoops (forgive my ignorance) some...
  13. Lightning

    Power Assist Deliveries - Please Read

    Hi Folks, If you recently ordered a Starter Package containing a power assist or a power assist by itself we are experiencing delays do to a recent defective batch that came in. We are expecting a new batch to come in this week and as soon as they arrive and begin shipping I will update this...
  14. ithiel

    e's experiment

    Aight, recently I lost over half an inch from not cementing hanging gains. I'm back to 8". I'm taking this time to do a little experiment, whatever the fuck you wanna call it. For 4 weeks ima hang 21-24 sets per day. Heavy muthafuckin weight. I'm thinking that shit will take me 10-11 hours a day...
  15. Travis Dickle

    Twice a Day Exercises

    Hey what's up, I've been exercising on the newbie routine for a week. So far it seems to have made my head bigger. But I was wondering if it's okay to work out twice a day. Like doing the the three reps of stretching, 300 jelqs, a even the kegels. Will this effect gains? Thanks in advance.
  16. S

    no more PE

    I don't mean to complain, but I haven't gained crap in months, and even my newbie gains weren't anything to be proud of. I do all of my workouts intensely, have read for hours on this forum and stayed active enough to keep up with things. I guess Penis Enlargement doesn't work for some people...
  17. J

    exercise on empty stomach,is this better for fat loss ?

    while watching a weight loss programme on tv someone wasnt losing enough weight so the doctor told him to workout in the am before he eats,he said the reason for this was so that he would be burning fat calories and not food this the best way to train ? also i feel very lethargic...
  18. P

    Girl From Work

    My wife is a beautiful woman but all you married men know that the routine of things wears down on you. Sex with the same old pussy starts to feel the same and whenever your having sex it feels like your just going through the motions and their isn’t much passion involved. My wife and I both...
  19. D

    Looking to Explode in Girth.

    I'm looking for a routine that doesn't involve clamping to explode with Girth. I have went from 5.0 (I think, its possible that it could have been less) To a bit over 5.3in of Girth, and I can get up to like 5.6 Girth after a Penis Enlargement session. I started this all girth routine at the...
  20. J

    Less Is Better

    Ive been peing on and off now for almost two years. When i first started i had good progression. Me being a dumb ass and thinking more is better began, Jelging for long time and adding needless exercises to my program.. When i started doing this this is when i noticed that my erection...
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