1. G

    Good routine or too much?

    I started my routine 2 months ago. My routine for the first month consisted of the following : 6AM Stretching all different angles for 10", Hanging 5 lbs SD for 15", then Wet jelgs for 15". Even though I never felt any soreness following the above routine, I did not increase my workload for fear...
  2. 9

    Starting back (and a pic)...advice?

    So I went to the gym today for the first time in a LONG time. I'm gonna be sore as crap tomorrow. My ass already hurts. :D Anyway, I've been reading a lot about nutrition, supplementation, workout routines, etc. mostly from but I still have a few questions. I'd rather ask you...
  3. REDZULU2003

    What supplements should I take?

    Okay, I want to start hitting the weights again like I did before. I'm soon gunna hit a intense but short routine that worked for me before. Its aimed for my back, shoulders, pecs, triceps, biceps and abs. I'll also be hitting the rowing machine heavy too. Now I dont need advice on that part...
  4. S

    If youre not using Slow Squash Jelqs in your girth work.....

    Youre 'double dumb'. Seriously though, these are some of the most intense girth exercises I have done in a while. Theyre now an official part of my girth routine. Thanks again DLD. Slow Squash Jelq Thread
  5. vonbarron

    CREATINE-All the info

    i was wondering what that bump was on his penis...what is that suppose to do? does it suppose to help stimulation or something? i don't get it ?:(
  6. M

    13 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels The normal level of testosterone in your bloodstream is between 350 and 1,000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). Like combable hair, those quantities silently start to wane around age 40. You lose about 1 percent a year -- a harmless decline in the...
  7. BeBobBox

    Hand Pain from Jelqing

    After about 100 jelqs my hands really start to hurt pretty bad. Kinda like a cramping feeling to them. And it happens right under my thumb area. Do you other guys get this when jelqing? And if you do, what do you do about it?
  8. L

    Completely new

    I am completely new in every aspect of Penis Enlargement, never having done an excercise, or posting on forums. But I've heard great things, and if anyone would take the time, maybe a few minutes to chat with me on IM or replying to this thread, that would be much appreciated. Things such as...
  9. RBSS

    Is jelqing necessary?

    Is jelqing truly the backbone of Penis Enlargement? Stretching seems to do more for length than any other type of exercise. The stretching imparted from jelqing seems minimal. Various types of squeezes seem to be better for girth. Jelqing at 60 percent erection seems like it may not leverage...
  10. Super

    John Kerry for President?

    There are a lot of folks who were out there in Nam and who remember this all too well. For those of us who were stateside it was a disgusting sight... and history is repeating itself. John Kerry for President? This is a man that denounced his military service. This was a man who...
  11. Super

    The Ring of Power, Now For sale!!

    Got the ok from DLD. Just post in the thread or PM me for ordering instructions After all the PM's and emails I have decided to make these for people at there request. Not only will the sale of these help you but it goes to support MOS. Thank you guys for your support in keeping the forum...
  12. WaxN

    Time Factor

    I have a few ideas about the Time factor, as related to Penis Enlargement. When it comes to weight training, for example, a trainee's workouts can progress in many ways (for "progressive resistance" is what weight training is all about). You can increase intensity (how forcefully you exert -...
  13. WaxN

    Cable Clamps

    I finally made it to Wal Mart to pick up a pack of Cable Clamps. Each pack is under $4 and comes with sm, med, & lg clamps. My recommendation is this.... (1) Do a full Penis Enlargement session, (2) Wrap well, like you're going to hang (to avoid pinching skin), (3) Kegel vigorously, then...
  14. DLD

    DLD's First Routine (I gained 2 inches with this routine) Full Tutorial

    This is a great starting routine. So many new guys do not know where to start so I put this together for you. Please read it over and ask any quetions. For the best in video, illustrations, sound bites and flawless text descriptions all organized into a 5 Phase system check out The MoS...
  15. DLD

    Dr. Atkins is helping me get more non-bone pressed dick

    Yes folks...I have started the Atkin's Diet about a week and a half ago. I really want to get my 10" to look 11" and I think dieting is the only other thing I can do to help this along. Thinner guys with 7" look huge to me, I want to be thinner too (as I get thicker of course) I am doing...
  16. S

    How to make Homemade BIB hangers...AND a wealth of Hanging Knowledge...look here!

    I'm making this thread for those of you who dont want to buy a production model for whatever the reason. Who knows, maybe you live somewhere where you would have difficulty ordering via internet? Or, maybe youre like ATS...and youre just a tightwad S.O.B....LOL just kidding man! Ok, so first...
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