1. B

    tightness pelvic floor muscle

    Hi all, I have not been on this site for a while as I has been doing alot of research to find out of the actual condition what I have got. I have found out that the overall problems I have got is actually a pelvic floor muscle issues which caused the pain in my stomach, back pain, urgent to...
  2. J

    Pumping gains like gauged ears?

    The only PE I do is pumping. Are pumping gains cemented similar to how people gauge their ears or stretch their necks?
  3. B

    Question dld ??

    Dld I hang up and I'm doing the training as follows. 6 sets of 20 minutes of hanging and 6 sets of squash slow jelq the workout and so first the 20 minutes of hanging, then the 6 sets of slow squelch jelq 1 minute each set would be like hanging / slow / hanging / slow. And a good workout ??
  4. X

    Study: tunica strength / deformation

    Hey guy, I stumbled upon a cool study that some of the theory/ science guys around here might like. It's a study about the tunica of the penis regarding its tensile strength AND at what point the tunica will give in to deformation. This is the holy grail goal of PE IMO (figuring out exactly what...
  5. S

    Not feeling the "pump" after a session.....

    In here , i heard many people including DLD talk about the "pump" you get after a jelq session. I have been PEing for a while now and I have never felt the pump after a session. Isnt my intensity enough? I usually jelq around 60 - 70% erection state and my sessions are pretty intense, but i just...
  6. G

    Back to it, and a question.

    Hi guys, been out for awhile. Had some great gains between 2012-2014 and then got super busy with family/kids/lack of privacy. Now with more privacy, will resume my PE and general fitness growth. It's time to make time for myself. In the hiatus, I used my Bathmate Extreme every few months...
  7. B

    How is the training 5 × 5 × 3?

    How is the training 5 × 5 × 3?
  8. S

    Odd question for experts

    I'm not masturbating for now, is there a way to gain girth without doing erect exercises? Just wondering
  9. megamike


    I got a bunch of questions about this. First of all,when would you guys consider yourself "stuck" at a plateau? and how do you frequently hit them? how to break through them?
  10. D

    My story, thoughts + some questions

    Hello to everyone, Let me start off by saying this after a few months of lurking around this forum is very helpful and I have never seen such a forum with so many good and helpful members. Especially after being a member of a few bodybuilding forums lol. My initial motivation was to be...
  11. BeefyBee

    How much curve is too much curve? (Pic)

    Hey brothers. So, I have always had a curve, I like it, my girl loves it. But as I progress with my PE, I think it may be increasing the curve. Maybe it's in my head, maybe not. But take a look and let me know if you think this is too much curve.
  12. Sinthious

    Jelqing and fat pads

    I am trying to wrap my head around this properly, I'm confident i know how a jelq works but in practice i dont feel right about it the issue starts with the fact that im overweight. Starting at 60-90% erection and well lubed up starting at the extreme base i can get a jelq in but the pelvic...
  13. IAmSpartacus71

    Back to PE, break over

    I thought my break will be longer but I missed PE and want to gain more. New short term goal: 7.5x5.5 My routine (5 times a week): -Warm up -Double squeeze (this exercise: for 20 minutes, 10 seconds squeezes. -Masturbation to...
  14. M

    pumping process

    not a newbie to.pumping but haven't.pumped n.months just been.stretching... how long should I flaccid pump till I.move.up to.erect pump
  15. S

    my EQ is decreasing

    *I'm not good at english, sorry!* Hello everyone, I'm still a newbie at PE and my main focus is gain girth. I did 5x5x3 routine (3 series of: 5 min bathmate max pressure and 5 min of slow jelq or Uli). It gave me an incredible expansion with low FR. After doing this my EQ started...
  16. M

    Help me design a routine

    I've finally got my own place & ready to hit it hard! I have the following; Lengthmaster Malehanger Sizegenetics Malehanger clamp Phallosan Forte My plan of attack it to do length with the LM in the early am followed by hanging( just starting) & using the PF. Late afternoon/evening doing...
  17. M


    can.someone give Me a good breakdown on a good routine for length with bath mate I know it's girth to.but wouldn't.mind.both but.aiming.for.more length
  18. I

    Critique my girth routine

    Hey guys, I'd like to know what you think of the girth I'll start next week. I currently have no interested in gaining any length, as I measure 7" and can't even penetrate my girlfriend fully without pain, what I would really like is to increase my girth in the next four months, because it's...
  19. C

    Favorite exercise?

    What's your favorite PE exercise, the one you feel you can't go without? Is it a certain stretch, specific girth work, work using any of the available tools (LengthMaster, Bathmate, hangers, etc)? I'm too new to have a favorite, simply haven't explored enough yet but I'm trying to get there so...
  20. K

    My dick looks terrible after bathmate [pics included]

    Hey Brothers! I've been using a Bathmate Hercules for 2 months, and i get +0,5 cm in erect girth, i guess that's more than enough for me. My problem is after i use bm , my dick looks like a disaster. What should i do ?
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