1. 1

    The All-Day/Auto SlowSquashJelq

    I joined MOS last year with but one goal in mind. To push beyond my limit and reach the size I desire. Yet last year, 2 or 3 months after I joined, I began slacking off and even stopped PE completly for about 3-6 months due to personal reasons. Shortly there after I realized that I dropped a...
  2. B

    Cialis 5mg & Bathmate

    Hi guys, I have been doing PE since 2009 on and off. I stopped for a while, but now I am ready to go back to work. This time, I am planning to use Bathmate with 5mg of Cialis everyday to have a better blood flow. Anybody used Cialis for their PE routine?
  3. A

    Least Risky Way To Gain Girth?

    Hey all. So I need some girth and hopefully flaccid hang. Problem is I have a nice looking penis and discoloration,stretch marks and papule flare/bumps as well as changing shape of penis concerns me(my penis is very straight) I've tried Bathmate. Jelqing and jelq device but I haven't done...
  4. N

    Has pumping made your erections "harder" as it were?

    The female I semi routinely share a bed with has been commenting lately that I "feel" super hard to her the last couple months. Interestingly during pumping sessions my impression was also that out side of a total flaccid state there seems to be more rigidity to my penis. Is this what most...

    Keeping Up With Rocky II CONTEST

    For those who weren't fortunate enough to witness the previous contest, showcasing the baddest motherfuckers on this forum go here: Its been a while since Ive been in these forums, Ive been pleasantly...
  6. Restoredude

    Even out girth

    I've been doing PE for a year or so and I'm very happy with the results in both length and girth. I've always had a bell shaped erect dick with the largest measurement being about 2/3 of the way up the shaft. With the PE, the "bell" has gotten more extreme. I'm not complaining but wonder if...
  7. KingD

    Any X50 Users?

    I know the X50 Bathmate has been out for a little bit now. Does anyone have one yet?
  8. L

    Masturbation and PE

    Hello everybody I started PE before 2 weeks, when i jelq i get horny and there are times that i start masturbating because of this, is there risk when i masturbate and do PE or should i stop masturbation?
  9. D

    Base Ball Bat Effect

    Hi DLD my girth is a follows Base Shaft 6" Mid Shaft 5" Under Glans 4.5" What Girth routine would you suggest that i do for a even girth overll?? thanks in advance for you response!!
  10. S

    Tips for a jelqing newbie?

    So I haven't really jelqed in a real long time, and I finally tried it between bathmate sets and hit a new highest in-chamber expansion! So now I'm interested, but I'm rapidly finding difficulties. -when I jelq, the hair abraids the skin. Shaving also abraids the skin and I don't want to take a...
  11. boohoohoo

    Predicted Results From This New Routine

    Hey guys, I know that everyone grows at different paces, but this is the routine I will begin in about a week and I want to know how fast you think I will grow. I am currently about 7.5 BPEL x 5.75 EG. Morning 20 Minutes of Jelqing 10 Minutes of SSJ Evening 1 Hour of as intense as...
  12. M

    What's going on, I'm mad

    so.this.past 2 weeks I.thinks blood vessels or haven't gone away either from.pumping so.I.took a week off and it still.doesn't go.away I.didn't.want figured.a.week.was.good.enough won.I.pumped...
  13. R

    How Much Expansion Seen After A Workout

    Hey guys, I was reading around and trying to see what is typical for expansion after a workout (for example girth before workout 5" and after a workout 5.25"). I see people posting girth gains after bathmate, jelqing, etc where they are enlarged after the session. I would think the more the...
  14. R

    Slow squash jelqing?

    So I've been following the SRT 5x5x3 routine but this whole time I've been doing regular jelqing. The routine says to do 5 minutes of SSJ after 5 minutes at full intensity in the BM. I've heard people say they stay erect if they enter the BM erect but I do not. I'm not sure whether I can gain or...
  15. boohoohoo

    Why Does my Girth Expansion Lessen With Time?

    So I've been back in the PE world for about a month now doing manual work. As far as girth goes I do 20 minutes of jelqing and then about 5-10 minutes daily of different forms of more intense manual girth work like SSJ. For some reason after a few weeks of doing this the crazy expansion I...
  16. B

    Question about skin using a enlagment pump

    Hello everyone I have a quick question, when i use my pump, i get this section of skin about 1/2 just under the head, that dont want to expand and looks like its stays atached to the shaft, the other day i maxed out my 3" pump and it looked like i had paronies desise, Anyone have a...
  17. K

    My current workout

    I'm not faithful to pe as I should and sometimes go weeks without doing any pe. No reason why but now I'm going to be dedicated and so far one solid week in the books. My current routine is 5 minutes in Bathmate then do 150 jelqs. I repeat this 3 times and at the end do 10 minutes of...
  18. boohoohoo

    Maximum Gains From Only Jelqing

    Hi Everyone, I haven't posted here in quite a while because I've been trying to handle other areas of my life. I recently began wet jelqing about 18 minutes a day and the previous gains I had came back in no time (about one month). My plan for now is to continue to wet jelq indefinitely...
  19. D

    Reducing fluid retention when doing girth

    Hey guys. I am currently doing 100 jelqs followed by 60s of SSJ for a total duration of 30 minutes. I started at 15 and worked up. Recently I have been getting a lot of fluid build up on the underside of the penis just below the head. Admittedly I have reduced my jelqs and increased my time...
  20. S

    Best exercises for girth and length?

    I know there are 100's of exercises out there but i wanna know the exercises which are the ABSOLUTE BEST! What do you think are the best exercises for girth? AND What do you think are the best exercises for length? Cheers mates! Also feel free to include any devices!!
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