mandingo stretch

  1. kawai123

    My routine

    Hello everyone I started pe 2 months ago. This is my routine:- Using extender for 2 hours 5 min warm up Stretching exercise and doing clockwise on my penis 500 jelqs Masterbate myself but I do not ejaculate. I just wanna make it really really hard and when I am about to ejaculate, I...
  2. D

    Need advice from the veterans

    I am about one month into pe and I have a question for all of those veterans out there who have gained both length and girth. I started out at 7x5 BPenis EnlargementL and I have decided that I want to purchase either the LM for length gains or the Bathmate for girth gains. What I cant decide...
  3. H

    felt a "pop" when stretching?

    So I was doing my usual stretch routine today ( mandingo stretch and dld newbie stretch) anyways I did a couple reps of the mandingo stretch and proceeded onto dld newbie stretch. I grabbed under the head of my penis and started stretching it forward. I held it there for a good 30seconds and...
  4. jekyllnhyde360

    the WIRE in my dick .

    hey guys im not sure if anyone else has this problem but here it goes . ive been stretching for quite some time now and made exeptional gains 6''to 6 3/4 , and now i have this hard cord along the inside of my dick witch stops me from gaining any length i feel. i was just wondering if i still...
  5. D

    Help Recommend Me An Advanced Routine Exclusively For Length

    As amazing as DLD's newbie routine is (I gained just over an Inch with it) It's about that time to switch things up...... I've used the search function and spoken to a few very kind members here and I have chosen a few exercises I really like DLD Blasters (A-Stretch) Footlong...
  6. z06vet2003

    Since 1994

    Been doing the Penis Enlargement since 1994, due to a "YOUR GOING TO OWE ME" That remark came from the wife of NOW 34 years, upon completion of her second breast augmentation to a 36DD. Your going to owe me.. meant.. I WANT YOU HUNG LIKE A HORSE" I started pumping and it really got me NO...
  7. D

    Lost Some LENGTH :(

    As most of you know I measured 8" NBP last time I decided to leave Length alone and I did solo girth work and made some new girth gains however I noticed that my penis looked a little shorter. No biggie I thought as I believed it was the added girth that made my penis look a little shorter...
  8. KingCobra

    KingCobra's Snake Choker

    Some months ago I started with experimenting with a new Penis Enlargement exercise. I wanted to create something that implies both “inner dick ligs” and suspensory lig. This is what came out of it: Snake Choker I decided to call it Snake Choker for the base cutting and the very firm...
  9. D

    Link To Mandingo Stretch?

    I tried the search option but it's really buggy so if someone would be so kind to provide a link to the Mandingo stretch for me :cool:
  10. D

    Possible To Add 1" Length and .5" Girth In One Year?

    I am kind of new here I started with DLD newbie routine not expecting much (i was VERY skeptical about Penis Enlargement) but to my surprise i gained 1 inch and I couldn't believe! ( I have to thank DLD for that) I am now 8 inches NBP and 6.1 in girth I am happy with this but I still feel...
  11. D

    What Has Given You the Most Gains?

    Pretty self explanatory title. i know people have seen a lot of gains from hanging, clamping, and of course the manual exercises DLD teaches. what method has given you the most gains?
  12. P

    ''The Mandingo Stretch'' As Named By Blue Whale

    First of all let me say that what i am about to say is not a joke this is 100 % legit and real. Dont ask me who i am or where i am from and how do i know what i know. Lets just say ive been in Penis Enlargement waters for a long time. I am gonna share with you an exercise thats gonna let...
  13. stillwantmore


    SEE PICTURES OF THE GRIP AND THE STRETCH AS IT SHOULD LOOK BELOW :cool: This stretch is not really something 'totally new'. It's more a ''Hybrid'' of at least two exercises and concepts. I had posted this as a reply in the ''Foot Long Stretch'' thread. After some thought, I feel this...
  14. Double Down

    Looking for the reason?

    I've recently hit a wall in my routine with girth. I looked into the TGC theory and figured I needed more flacid length. I have always been 1/4" longer BPFSL than BPenis EnlargementL and this has been consistent since day one of Penis Enlargement. So I started doing the Mandingo stretch to get...
  15. pnoewbe

    Blue Whale's Roll - text only google cache

    <table class="tborder" id="post334102" width="100%" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="1"><tbody><tr><td class="thead">Old 03-28-09, 06:27 AM <!-- / status icon and date --> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="alt2" style="padding: 0px;"> <!-- user info -->...
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