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  • [had to split message into two parts] -- The back of your neck is usually a sensitive area too (for whatever reason) if you want to test there first. But also the weaker the mixture the longer it will take to help .. so figure out a dilution rate that you can deal with .. and then maybe try it a little stronger the next time. Make sure you're using glass as mixing and storage whenever possible, (no metal, no plastics), the type of plastic bottle that it comes in is the only stuff it's not a solvent for. Other plastics might get dissolved a bit and you don't want to put that in your penis. Like I think i said before, even though DMSO is neutral and safe in the body .. it's also a powerful solvent that will take the coating off of your furniture (etc) if you drip any of it. Weird stuff.
    Hey Dan, I'm guessing this is how you're getting me those visitor messages, they're different than a PM (a PM is more like an email inbox thing, with an ability to directly reply). I did use some on a small thrombose about 8 or 9 years ago. Crazy that it was that far back, haven't thought about it in forever. If you're going to apply to the entire penis you might want to dilute further to 40% or even 30% because I predict -some- itching. I did use 50/50 but it was limited to only the effected area in the middle of the shaft and probably did itch but not too badly (and again it was a long time ago so hopefully I'm not just forgetting how it drove me up the wall or etc).
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