1. B

    My penis never pumps straight up into the hydromax

    Does anyone have this issue? When I pump its almost as if my penis pumps towards the left side of the hydromax wall as opposed to straight up
  2. B

    Is there a video on properly using the x30-x with hand pump?

    I tried using it the other day got good suction by pumping the bathmate x-30x but then when I tried to up the pressure by using the handpump the handpump wasnt pumping and was flat. I know theres a learning curve involved, (something about the valve knob on top) How do I properly use this thing?
  3. F

    Bathmate..Does it REALLY work?

    Greetings, fellow growers! I have been considering ordering a Bathmate, as I, at the age of 61, am embarking on one last attempt at enlargement. Not that I haven't had any success, because I have, gaining a little over an inch in length and almost an inch in girth. I currently stand at BPEL...
  4. B

    Whats the best way to use the Xx30 Hydropump with manual pump?

    I just got my hydropump x-30x that comes with a manual pump and want to start using it tonight. However I am not sure how I will be able to get fully erect in a bathtub without any stimulation. Using my imagination just doesnt work well anymore compared to having a female around.
  5. B

    Is there a coupon code?

    I want to purchase the Bathmate x30-x however when I go through the MOS link and add it to cart it still shows up as $299 which is no discount applied to the order.
  6. S

    Bathmate C rings, official

    Anyone tried? I just stumbled across them but haven't seen them mentioned on here. I can't imagine how it's different from others but I'm now considering pumping with the ring on to see what happens there. Excited! Will update.
  7. B

    Has anyone gained length, width, stronger/better erections from bathmate alone?

    Has anyone gained length, width, stronger/better erections from bathmate alone? If so what were your results and how long did they take?
  8. B

    How are the Bathmate hydropump x20-x-40's?

    What is the point of the added manual pump? Is it better then the original bathmate? Which size should I get? (6.5 bpel x5.5)
  9. J

    Bathmate Injury Question

    Hi guys I have a question regarding a problem I've ran into using my Bathmate. Have been using it for over a year now without any problems, first the X40 for about 6 months then I switched to the X40 Xtreme also been using it for 6 months now. I only use the Bathmate I don't do any other PE...
  10. D


    Hi I own a Penomet pump but am thinking about investing in a bathmate pump What do you thing, I should stick with the penomet or should i make the investment if yes to bathmate, which one should i get My stats are: 7.5" NBPEL Girth- 6" base, 5"mid shaft & 4.5" under glans My goal...
  11. KingD

    Any X50 Users?

    I know the X50 Bathmate has been out for a little bit now. Does anyone have one yet?
  12. M

    If you're gonna buy a bath mate....

    Make sure you buy it thru MOS! I purchased one at an adult book store & yes it's a real one, registered it & everything. 2 1/2 months later the gator is torn off where it attaches. Emailed customer service & they want a copy of the receipt, pics of bath mate & batch code off the back of the...
  13. M

    bathmate for curvature

    hello, wandering if anyone can help me here. I have an approximately 20-25 degree leftward curve, I'm yet to find out if its peyronies, but its a gradual curve from the base and likely congenital, unlike most peyronies ive seen with a prominent bend midshaft. what I want to know is if anyones...
  14. B

    Idea for hydromax series with detachable pad

    They should make an insert that you can slide onto the ring of the pad when it is pulled out. This would add more room since it increase the length of the gator. This way you could buy the x30 and potentially add more length if you like the girth. Just a thought:)
  15. pjp2002

    Bathmate comes with pump sleeve / problem or solution?

    I ordered a new BM x30. The removable cushion ring that comes with it now has a sleeve. My last x30 didn't have this. Neat idea but the design is still leaking air. I tried testing to just getting a seal in the sink after my frustations in the shower provided no success. I couldn't get any...
  16. B

    Viagra To Get 100% Erect Before Bathmate XX30 ??

    Ok so I never seem more than 50%ish when I'm using it and this needs to change as presumably you want to be as big/hard as possible prior to pumping for more effective expansion beyond your typical norm. My question is whether or not there's any logic to using Cialis or Viagra prior to my...
  17. M

    What's going on, I'm mad

    so.this.past 2 weeks I.thinks blood vessels or haven't gone away either from.pumping so.I.took a week off and it still.doesn't go.away I.didn't.want figured.a.week.was.good.enough won.I.pumped...
  18. R

    Slow squash jelqing?

    So I've been following the SRT 5x5x3 routine but this whole time I've been doing regular jelqing. The routine says to do 5 minutes of SSJ after 5 minutes at full intensity in the BM. I've heard people say they stay erect if they enter the BM erect but I do not. I'm not sure whether I can gain or...
  19. R

    Vacu Vin Mod

    I'm loving the bathmate as it is, I'm seeing noticeable gains, better EQ and enjoying using it as part of my routine. However, I was just wondering how much more expansion this mod brings, is it worth it? Also, once I get to max pressure in the BM the suction is uncomfortable on my pubic area...
  20. T

    what bathmate should I get?

    hi im currently 6.6 inches long and 1.2 inches in girth and I think im going to get the hydromax x30 to increase my length and girth. is this the right choice? I've never had problems with my penis but I just want to be bigger for my own personal happiness. thanks. and does it come in a discreet...
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