1. bandit2010

    questions on length gain

    I have a question, can I expect to easily gain some length with the bathmate. my current stats are erect length 6 1/4 erect girth 4 1/2
  2. B

    I am thinking about buying a bathmate

    hey guys been doing Jelqs and stretches for about 5 months now, I am thinking about going and buying a bath mate here in the next month, I am having to put the money back in order to do it, looing at the hydromax x20 or x30, will post my stats below, question is I know when I buy one through MOS...
  3. T

    How to use Bathmate...Help!!!

    I know a lot of people probably ask this question every day...but I really just want to make sure I'm doing this right! So I recently just bought a Bathmate and find no problem using it but when I use it my penis becomes do I just keep pumping continuously to keep my penis at a...
  4. N

    Which penis pump to straighten a curve??

    Hi I'm looking to buy a penis pump with a narrow cylinder to try & straighten my curve( I have an upward curve). Which one is more effective & has a narrow cylinder: the Bathmate Hercules, Hydromax X30,Hydromax Xtreme XX40,Penomet??
  5. T

    Over zealous... Oooops!

    Think I got a little over zealous with the bm and ssj's the other day. Got loads of red spots that sting to touch on the shift and foreskin, almost looks like a bad heat rash. Hey-ho learn by the mistakes and move on. I have rested over the weekend but think I may need another day or two for...
  6. O


    Full disclosure...don't work for Bathmate...don't receive shit from Bathmate...this is just a dude passing on info. I bought an X30. Love the X30, but I was getting ridiculous pain at the the base before I maxed out out length-wise. probably need to move up. Bought an X40 and just...
  7. M a bath mate x40

    I don't.have a credit card could I.purchase with a visa gift card but it doesn't have name.or information that u a order
  8. M


    I been.pumping.with.x30 for about 2month's now.noticing.gains 5min.sessions with but.this.week 8 I.been.feeling.pain when.I.pump with a erection.and.I.haven't.felt.this.pain till.recently and.I.can't even 5min's.gonna.expload...
  9. Pumpkinhead

    How to find real Bathmate Pumps in Europe

    Hi MOS-Community, 1. I want to buy a Bathmate Hercules, but I am bit confused and I am living in Europe, so it is not so easy to get an original Bathmate instead of a fake. I have read that the fakes have in 70% a spring in it, where the valve is. At first I thought it is meant that it is...
  10. S

    I'm about to order a Bathmate and I have questions

    1. Which Bathmate should I order? I'm 6.5" BPEL, 4.9" EG and just starting PE 2. Are there any how to videos on using the thing? I haven't been able to find any. I want to stand up and use it in the shower. So I just jam my cock in there and start pumping? How will I know when to stop? 3...
  11. D

    Bathmate Hydromax size question

    Hey guys, I want to buy the bathmate hydromax x30 but I'm afraid my girth size is too large. My penis is kind of an oval shape and the longest diameter of my erect penis is exactly 2 inches. My erect girth all together is 6 inches (but close to the base its about 6.25 and my erect length is 5.10...
  12. B

    bathmate questions

    Hi guys, Today I have tried it out to use bathmate after I have trimmed my public hair and I have also sealed the comfort pads, so it have surprised me that bathmate is so powerful to suck my cock that make it big and hard and it works like a charm! :) So I have got the questions about...
  13. B

    Can't make x40 work as it should!

    Good day guys I'm new guy just received my x40 last week but can't get good suction unless it sucks some skin around the shaft leading to poor stretching just some pressure on the head that feals like squeezing . It's hard to keep erected during section Not feeling the pump that boys are...
  14. habban

    Inconsistent suction with bathmate

    Hello! So i have a bathamte with the grey comfort pad or what it is called inside the tube. It looks like this: I don't know but it seems like i can't get consistent suction with it on. Sometimes i get really good...
  15. B

    Please critique my routine...

    Hey took a few days off due to injury but started again today. Previously I was only doing 15 mins in the bathmate... That was it. I've started from today doing 15 mins in the bathmate followed by 100 jelqs.. Then back in the bathmate for another 5 mins... I then wrap a hair tie around the base...
  16. P


    Trying to get back into the game again. Went through some rough times a year ago. Had to basically sell everything I could after I lost my job to stay on my feet. If anyone is looking to sell so they can upgrade or the like please pm me. Mods: there used to be a WTB thread for these...
  17. habban

    Discoloration? Bathmate injury?

    Hello! So i used the bathmate yesterday. Usually when i use bathmate, i'm done in like 2-3 minutes, i get small red dots on random places on my shaft. Usually i stop when i get those, because i take it as i'm not conditioned enough. But yesterday, when i used it, haven't been using it for a...
  18. S

    Bathmate / stretching injury

    I've been using the BM for two months now. Today I noticed 3 drops of congealed blood in my semen. 2 day before this I noticed a small amount of blood coming from my urethra when in the BM at max pressure with the vacuvin on the 1st set. After exiting the tube I noticed 2 small cuts on just...
  19. B


    Hi u can tell from my previous thread I've been having testicle pain while using my Hercules!! My bpel is 6 inches and erect girth is 4.5 inches...lately I've been pumping to about 6.3 inches and that's when I've started to experience the pain!! Now out of curiousity I measured the...
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