1. T

    For the bathmate only or bathmate pros. Whats your routine?

    How do you warm up, whats your routine and what is your method/philosophy/goals for every workout?
  2. S

    hydromax x30

    hi all, Just started adding the hydromax to the srt routine which iam having success with:cool:, iam doing the 5x5x3 routine which incorporates the slow squash jelqs, One question when i'am pumped up in the hydromax, is it a magnified image of your penis because of the water or is it the...
  3. J

    Bathmate Xtreme Spare Parts

    Hi everyone I've had the Bathmate Xtreme X40 for little over a year now and have had great results with it. But now when I pump with the hand pump I can't build up pressure and it sounds like there's an air leak. From what I can see there is a crack in the little plastic bit that connects the...
  4. B

    Bathmate Comfort + Usage Questions ??

    Bathmate skin tear spot , what is this? And yes it hurt a bit when touching. Could I use a silicon sleeve or medical tape as a penis wrap (no other issues anywhere else on my penis and this never used to happen). Is there any problem with me keeping the Bathmate on constantly for 15mins...
  5. DLD

    The Hydromax X30 Wide Boy now Available! ORDER NOW!

    The Wide Boy! All new pump from Hydromax! Only $179.00! CLICK HERE TO ORDER: THE WIDE BOY Due to the consistent nature of hydraulic pressure created by the Bathmate range of pumps, the users penis will increase in girth a lot quicker than it will in length. This is because the surface...
  6. F

    Registering New Bathmate

    I recently received my new x30 pump and just tried to register it thanks to a friendly email reminder from Hydromax. I want to be sure to get the warranty but the registration page says that my PIN is wrong, even though they don't ask for a PIN. I've entered the PID and the S/N correctly but...
  7. F

    Ordering BM via MOS links

    Hi, I'm just getting back into PE after a couple years off and am interested in getting a new Bathmate (my Hercules bit the dust a little while back). I'm trying to order through the links here on the MOS forum so that I get the extended warranty and expedited shipping. Unfortunately, it's not...
  8. F

    Ordering Bathmate via MOS Link

    Hey, I'm just starting to get back into PE after a couple of years off. Unfortunately, my old Bathmate bit the dust so I'm interested in ordering a new one. I'd like to do it through the links on this forum so that I receive the extended warranty and expedited shipping but they are not given to...

    Increase length in tube with Cushion Rings and/or Replacement Comfort Pads?

    has anyone tried either of these and how is the suction? BSA or anyone? might actually get these for the extra length and for the fact that the insert comfort pads decrease the base circumference of the BM, which is why i never use them because they create sort of a baseball bat pumping effect
  10. M

    Bathmate wide boy x30 new Model.

    So I see they have a new model out for the more girthy gentleman and has peaked my interest, but I'm getting two different Specs on diameter. One says the diameter is big as the x40, the other is 3 inch and that is bigger than an x50! Kinda of a big difference when choosing a pump. I was...
  11. C

    Found a new pump

    Goodbye Bathmate! This thing is for 55 gallon barrel size! I'm gonna be HUGE!
  12. F

    Bathmate injury help

    Hey guys, I need some advice/help. I have been using the x40 off and on for years with no issues. Over the past few weeks I got over zealous and overused it. (20 mins a day, pumping at very hard erections, etc.) I remember after using the bathmate my cock would still stay large even when...
  13. tommy44_u

    Looking for Discount code

    Im ready to try the bathmate x. When trying to check out it still gives me 299$. Is there a discount code I can apply so i can purchase ? Thanks
  14. stupidick

    Which one is the most porwerful?

    The X40 with the wine vac or the X40-X?
  15. bandit2010

    Bathmate leaking valve mod...

    I know some if not many have had issues with the pressure release on the bath mate leaking where the spring is, tonight I was having issues with It, and found a simple cure, take a simple silicone sleeve and slip over that area when your pumping, it especially works good when your using the...
  16. J

    Bathmate discoloration - Don't be alarmed!!!

    Hi all, been a while since my last post. I've been using my bathmate fairly regularly and I use my method outlined in my other posts. I use an ace wrap around the base of the shaft to minimize testicle discomfort. Recently I've incorporated a cock ring to secure the ace wrap. It is a loose...
  17. S

    Silicone sleeve to protect against edema

    Has anybody used a silicone sleeve to protect against edema? I used a sleeve that covered my entire shaft and the coronal ridge of my glans to pump today. I had zero edema and I measured my expansion and it didnt seem to effect the expansion at all. Curious if others think this is a good...
  18. Egghead1

    Purchased a Bathmate Cushion ring to help save my Testicles.

    So I originally modded my Bathmate with a 2.75 inch cutout section of a smaller air pump I used to own to stop my testicles from slipping in. It worked amazingly well since it was the perfect diameter. The other day I decided to cut that modded section down to only 1.25 inches thick. During my...
  19. D

    Bathmate Progression

    Hey guys, i was wondering how long it typically takes you to advance the lengths in Bathmate. Right now I’m a shade under 8”bpel but i can pump to 8.5 in the tube. How long before i see this gain in bpel? I have been using it for quite awhile on and off. And believe i have seen some gains...
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