1. I


    Hello, im new. got some different questions 1)im interested to buy penimaster pro, is there any discount? i asked some questions via email long time ago and got no respond (about some other questions), and as the website ad says, i can send the order number to this...
  2. G

    Skin pinching - between the protector cap and vacuum bell

    Generally the thing that starts causing pain for me requiring me to remove my PF... Is skin getting pulled up between the protector cap and bell. I'm using and autoextender sleeve in place of a proper sized sleeve. (I'm between a medium and large) Any advice? I did a search online and...
  3. T

    What should i do to reboot my program?

    So my anti turtle sleeves broke last week and have been waiting for a new one. I dont want to workout without them as I feel it is a waste of PE to workout and than not be in am anti turtle device.its like working out hardcore and not eatinf anything to build that muscle back up. My routine is...
  4. N

    The xsleeve by Stealth for Men

    So I've been using this thing for about 2 day now and it's great. The perfect wrap, for me anyways. it fits perfectly, and it's quit comfortable. No discoloring of the glands , or very minor. At first it's a pain in the neck to put on but, you'll figure it out eventually. It also comes with a...
  5. J

    Silicone Sleeves

    Anybody knows where I can buy cheap silicone sleeves? I have a couple Ive been using with my vac extender and theyre about to rip apart.
  6. eugine8plz

    Best substitute silicone sleeves for Phallosan Forte?

    I bought a phallosan recently and should be coming in the mail soon. I have been hearing that the sleeves that come with it arnt very good sleeves, they rip easily, and they help lose suction fast. So i am wondering what silicone sleeves you guys have used as substitutes for the phallosan and...
  7. mordecai_

    Glans enlargement

    Anyone have any success enlarging their glans? I'm looking for the most efficient/exercise that might result in more of that mushroom shape. Appreciate any tips.
  8. N

    Will this penis pump straighten my dick?

    Hi so my dick curves upward since I was a teen & i'd like to straighten it out 100%. I know the only proven way to straighten the dick is by using a penis extender but I'd like to buy this penis pump so it'll hopefully straighten my dick here it is Tool Shed Toys. It's got a narrow cylinder (1.5...
  9. H

    suction bell/cap for the SG

    I wonder why the SG company is yet to copy the idea behind the suction bell/cap on the phallosan forte and implement it on the SG. I really want them to do this. There will be long dicks everywhere if they can implement this idea. Do you guys believe we can get something like this in about 2 to...
  10. eugine8plz

    Moving around comfortably in an extender?

    I am thinking about getting a new extender and I am wondering how do people walk around work all day with it on comfortably and discreetly? Do you guys wear just loose fitted pants or do you eat some what tight-ish pants as well? Is it a pain in the ass walking around with it on? I am either...
  11. megzobo

    Going to get Phallosan Forte

    IN early December, I am going to order the phallosan forte for myself. That way I figure I an stretch in the morning or even at night and then wear it all night long and all day long. Are there any discounts for getting it through here? Also, is there a routine one would recommend. I am also...
  12. eugine8plz

    Anyone own or have tried a uvipe vacuum hanger?

    I was looking up different models of hangers and came across the uvipe hanger. It seems to be a new company so I'm wondering if anyone has one and can share their thoughts on it. Can't find any reviews anywhere else on it.

    stretching while I go to sleep

    Every night I stretch while I'm in bed, I do bundles in all directions, regular stretches, __________'s, V's and A 's and after I've finished I turn on my side get into the behind the cheeks stretch while I go to sleep. I'm not sure how long I'm in this position for , I suppose it could be...
  14. I

    Autoextender Xsleeve?

    I am looking for an ADS that is super comfortable but will also get the job done. I have wrapped and also use the VLC with leg strap to keep extended all day. The problem I have mostly with the VLC is that it causes some skin irritation after wearing it all day which in turn effects my hanging...
  15. superman05xx

    Phallosan Forte Condom Sleeve Alternatives

    I am just going to keep this simple and give you folks some phallosan forte condom sleeve alternatives that I have found over the years... because we all know the original sleeves break in time. Both can be found on aliexpress by searching silicone sleeves. On Aliexpress the name it is...
  16. F

    alternative to glans cap

    My glans cap has become worn out. It no longer fits snugly on my head, its too stretched and has a loose feel to it. I'm tempted to order more from Phallosan before it wears out completely, but was wondering if there were any DIY solutions people use to accomplish the same effect. I see the...
  17. ChilDsh

    Question about extender

    I know you're supposed to check every hour for good circulation..but it's really necesasary?Let's say i'm at work...and i can't check it every hour...maybe once every 3-4 that too much?Can i wear the extender for multiple hours without having to take it off to restore circulation?
  18. P

    always getting blister from PF now

    i had quit PE for awhile....but when i use PF now i am ALWAYS getting blisters aroung the tip of the glans.....why is this happening ???? i never useto to get them earlier ..... can the bell be small for me ???? it like perfect size right now but can the gator thingy cause this when i pump...
  19. master_mind

    Finally today i ordered the most comfortable extender ever made.

    Today i finally ordered the most comfortable extender ever made. Let it come then will show every part of it. How to use. My progress log and its benefit.
  20. P

    Short Frenulum

    Hi, I've been PE-ing on and off for about 3 years now with minimal gains but to be honest I haven't stuck at it for as long as I should have. I'm 6.75 inch nbepl and 5 inch meg. However my head size is only around 4 inch in girth when erect so I have always wanted to focus on this. The problem...
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