"When good anal goes bad"



From an article on Avninsider.com

My God, that is what happened on one of my last shoots. A rockin' d.p. was going on with Victoria from Germany, God Bless her blackened soul. She was doing a scene with Mark Wood and Chris Mountain. As Chris Mountain pulled out of Victoria’s ass for a reinsertion, that’s when a good anal went bad. A hornet stung him right on his dick. This outlaw, militant hornet on his own mission from God landed on the tip of Chris's dick and stung him right on the head of his dick. Chris was not the least bit pleased.

I consoled him, I asked to him, "What are the chances of that happening?"
I told him it was like winning the lottery. I personally felt it was about the same odds. Chris let me know he would rather win the lottery than get
stung by a hornet on his penis. After he applied some ice, he was ready to go again, finishing his scene with a love and care you don't find too often.

A lovely young girl who hails from Chatsworth just couldn't clean out
enough. Holy Christ, where did it all come from? Over and over, the scene
had to stop because there was a mess everywhere. The poor guy, God Bless his
God-fearing soul, was gagging and coughing. He was so grossed out he had
tears in his eyes. The girl would go back into the bathroom and come out with pride. She would exclaim, "I'm clean now!" The scene would resume for
several minutes, then surprise! Poop was everywhere. The poor guy was
covered. It was everywhere and somehow it even got on his face. They both took a shower, then the scene was finished with a lot of pile driver. The girl did not eat the cum out of her ass. The pop shot went directly into her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

I bought a new pair of pants this Tuesday at Millers Outpost. I bought them off the clearance rack and I got a new black tank top. I have been told by Mark Snider, Scott Justice and David Sturman that Sin City will pay for them because I bought them for a feature I was in for Sin City. I am real happy about my new pants because it is the first time I have gotten any new pants in over 2 years. David Sturman is now calling me "Fancy Pants" because I have new pants. I want everybody to know at Sin City I am grateful for my new pants and 100 percent cotton black tank top. Thank goodness Mark Snider understands the importance of good wardrobe in movies.

Anyhow, I play a bad guy in this new Sin City movie. I had a lot of fun filming with Hannah Harper. We had a fun chase scene of ATV's. The director
did a really awesome job. We rode all over the place during the chase. Then at the end, I am trapped at the bottom of a lake, I have nowhere to go, then Hannah has to take my life with firepower. My new pants, tank top and
I flew into the lake as I was shot by Hannah. Scott Justice made the right
call when he said, "Money is no object. Let Skeeter get any type of clothes he wants to for the movie." Twenty-four dollars later, I had the right outfit.

Tarantulas are really big spiders! When Bridgette was outside smoking at our house, a really big tarantula came cruising up by Bridgette’s size 6 foot. Bridgette screamed; she is extremely afraid of spiders. I was upstairs, so she grabbed the big jug of Miracle Grow fertilizer and dropped it right on top of the monster spider. That was it, he moved no more. Miracle Grow is not only good for flowers, but for use by award-winning ���� stars to exterminate big monster tarantulas.

I have been having so much fun filming my movies. It seems to get better and better with each movie. I really do love my job and I am so lucky to be getting paid to make these wild and wicked filled with fun movies!

God Bless America, Sodomy and �����������
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