Question on SRT


Mar 22, 2024
I’m about 3 days into the SRT beginners routine, but I curious what the 5 minute bundled stretch is before you start with the BTB stretches. What does that look like? I’ve checked the videos out but I’m still not clear. You bundle, and then… stretch out and hold for 5 minutes? So, I’ve just been skipping it and going to the moves from the top. Takes me about 23 minutes.

Second question, how hard is too hard for the pressure on the stretches? I’m using a gentle but firm amount of pressure, and definitely feeling the burn. Is there any way to use /too much/ pressure? I’m just letting my body decide. Now, after my stretches, I’m doing an all day wrap (not enough right now for the SiliStretcher) with cortisone.

So just two questions and a hello!
Have you watched the bundle videos? They show clear and concise instructions. Just go to the top of the forum and click on left hand side menu and you will find the link for videos. Everything you need is there

Stretch with great intensity if it is too much you will know but the penis can quite a bit of intensity
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