1. Golden Crotch

    Fastest gains I've ever experienced!! OMG!!

    Hi everyone! GC Here. Some of you may have seen me post in the MOS forums before, most of you probably haven't. Back when I first joined MOS as my curiosity sprung up for PE, I would lurk around the site, and only post questions. Got myself a penimaster back then, and used it for a while. I...
  2. DLD

    SRT 24 Hour Workout...The most hardcore workout yet!

    SRT 24 Hour Workout This routine can be used as a permanent workout for those who can afford the time or used as a temporary routine to kick start gains if you are at a plateau. This looks like a lot of work but remember, much of the time you will be wearing your SizeGenetics, Phallosan or...
  3. DLD

    LengthMaster SRT Routine for Massive Gains

    BASIC SHAFT STRETCHING LengthMaster Rolls: 3 Sets of four 30 Second Rolls LengthMaster Twists: 3 Sets of four 30 Second Twists LengthMaster PowerAssist Stretches: One Minute Stretch of Each Below A-Stretch Base Twist Stretch Body Rock Stretch Bow & Arrow Stretch Double Handed A-Stretch...

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