1. G

    Erect Streches for Newbies?

    Hey brothers, I know that technically for a newbie dipping into the first phases of SRT one should begin with the series of stretching protocols that are done while fully flaccid but I'm honestly having trouble maintaing my focus if I don't at least have a little bit of an erection. Is it...
  2. squirt_inducer_man

    Question What is the SRT?

    Question: What is SRT?
  3. S

    Question on SRT

    I’m about 3 days into the SRT beginners routine, but I curious what the 5 minute bundled stretch is before you start with the BTB stretches. What does that look like? I’ve checked the videos out but I’m still not clear. You bundle, and then… stretch out and hold for 5 minutes? So, I’ve just been...
  4. DLD

    The worlds best Girth routine the 5x5x3 the road to a monster cock...penis enlargement

    Girth Program: 5x5x3 5 Minute Slow Squash Jelq (video below) 5 Minutes in the Bathmate or MityVac at full intensity 5 Minute Slow Squash Jelq (video below) 5 Minutes in the Bathmate or MityVac at full intensity 5 Minute Slow Squash Jelq (video below) 5 Minutes in the Bathmate or MityVac at...
  5. dangerMOS

    Longer Term Bundled Stretches With X4/Sizegenetics

    Hey, Danger back from the grave. Been working on a couple of different ideas! Here is one of them: Recently I was able to get an absolutely amazing feeling one-half turn hands-free Bundled stretch by using the noose strap on an X4/Size Genetics style device. I had it on the absolute minimum...
  6. DLD

    SRT Bundle Package save over $300!

    SRT Super Special Bundle Everything you will ever need to do all versions of SRT!
  7. DLD

    SRT Bundle Package! Save over $283! Everything you will ever need for SRT ??

    The SRT Bundle Package $847.80 Get all the penis enlargement tools you need at 25% off in the ultimate SRT bundle. The SRT program is the most effective program to gain penis size and is used by thousands of members worldwide. These are all the top penis enlargement tools and accessories used...
  8. DLD

    The SiliStretcher is like nothing else! This is the way of SRT

    Many people who I deal with asked me what compares to the SiliStretcher and that’s a fair question. First I think it is important to point out that “platform” we have used to create and have build upon will continue with some awesome add-ons on the horizon. You would have to have several tools...
  9. E

    Srt programme

    Just read srt programme again, someone should make srt dvd to simplify it, looks good! P.s get better dld ✌️.
  10. DLD

    Healing in SRT. The missing link to gaining through healing!

    Healing in SRT explained. For many years we went about PE only training to make gains. Some struggled to make gains, others made great gains and some people didn’t gain at all. This confused me and I needed to know why some men were gaining them some were not. After much research SRT was...
  11. DLD

    SRT Passive to Active: The fastest possible way to make length gains SRT approved ???

    Ever since I got my SiliStretcher I have been creating routines and different methods of using the difference components. I think that I have created a new way to go after length gains that will be so much faster when you think about this logically. The best time to make length gains is when...
  12. DLD

    SRT Complete Kit, Everything you need to do SRT

    Everything you need to do SRT I was thinking this over in my head that maybe we should put a package together at a discount where brothers can buy everything they need in one package to do the whole SRT routine at a deep discount. I was thinking of including the following I was thinking of a...
  13. DLD

    SRT length exclusive: Active to Passive training.

    When I created SRT I had already used and gained with it. You could say SRT grew as Brothers, including myself, grew with it. As new developments happened in either healing or gaining I am quick to update and refine the training. Now with the access I have to tools that truly align with SRT I...
  14. DLD

    SRT 24 Hour Workout...The most hardcore workout yet!

    SRT 24 Hour Workout This routine can be used as a permanent workout for those who can afford the time or used as a temporary routine to kick start gains if you are at a plateau. This looks like a lot of work but remember, much of the time you will be wearing your SizeGenetics, Phallosan or...
  15. DLD

    Essential LengthMaster SRT Routine for Massive Gains

    BASIC SHAFT STRETCHING LengthMaster Rolls: 3 Sets of four 30 Second Rolls LengthMaster Twists: 3 Sets of four 30 Second Twists LengthMaster PowerAssist Stretches: One Minute Stretch of Each Below A-Stretch Base Twist Stretch Body Rock Stretch Bow & Arrow Stretch Double Handed A-Stretch...
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