1. R


    hey guys. Can somebody write what exactly is included in the LENGTHMASTER 3 - PENIS BUNDLE STRETCHER & WEIGHT HANGING delivery. Is there some wraps or something..?
  2. G

    Routine feedback

    I'd like opinions on my routine. After my warmup. 10 minutes expressive stretch with the LengthMaster. 5 mins rest 10 minutes regular stretch. 1 min stretch going up, down, left, right. 5 minutes rest 10 minutes bundled stretch. Complete counter clockwise turn and hold. 1 min stretch going...
  3. S

    New guy

    Just started dabbling in PE, I’m starting at a good point 7.3 X 6, wife is more than happy. I’m doing this for the challenge I guess. My goal is 8.5 X 6.5-7. I’m waiting on my LengthMaster to show up so I can start my journey. Any newbie advice? Also this is my first post.
  4. A

    Alternative to BTC?

    Is there an effective alternative to BTC with the LengthMaster? I have a bad back and neck and BTC will make those problems much worse. Is there something else I can do that will be as effective or close to as effective as BTC? I've been doing downward bundle stretches for the last three months...
  5. S

    Question on SRT

    I’m about 3 days into the SRT beginners routine, but I curious what the 5 minute bundled stretch is before you start with the BTB stretches. What does that look like? I’ve checked the videos out but I’m still not clear. You bundle, and then… stretch out and hold for 5 minutes? So, I’ve just been...
  6. S

    Silistretcher Vs. Lenghtmaster 2.0

    Ok guys so ive been saving for one of this 2 and i already asked the gurus of this inventions but i really want to hear about everybody else who has them!!! It would be great if you could post your experience and gains !!!! So i have the mityvac and has been wonderful but its not for...
  7. D

    Frustrating PE

    I have just purchased a LengthMaster and so far it’s been frustrating. I can’t have it on for any amount of time without my head filling with blood. If I loosen it up, it just slips out. I’m using a silisleeve and sports prewrap currently because I can’t seem to get a good wrap otherwise...
  8. NIK1

    Zen Hanger Deluxe real leather lace up penis hanger

    Just wondering about this lace up Hanger.The Zen Hanger Deluxe real leather lace up penis hanger / stretcher with silicone sleeves..
  9. S

    Just getting started

    I tried 20 some years ago to do a manual routine and failed miserably. Mainly because I felt like this could never work. After lurking here off and on for a while I have decided to give this a real go. I just ordered the Lenghmaster, Phallosan Forte, and Bathmate. These tools just make sense...
  10. U

    Lengthmaster problems

    I have been having some trouble with the lengthmaster lately. First of all, I find it difficult to get a good comfortable session in. It seems to only happen about half the time. And I have to use a good amount of wrap and sleeve just so it doesn't feel like my dick's in a bear trap. That gets...
  11. M

    LG Hanger with LengthMaster.

    Hello, Does anyone know how I can tie my LG chamber to the LengthMaster? I seen KingD did it but I am unsure how to do that. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,
  12. C

    Would you keep PE a secret from your GF or significant other?

    Hello Guys, My question for you guys is would you keep PE a secret from your GF or significant other? Please give me honest responses! My dilemma is that I am in a long distance relationship and I haven't seen her since I started PE a month ago, and I want to tell her when she notices a...
  13. A

    �naked people movies� stars actual size(NSFW)

    Hello everyone, I'm a old reader, I know a lot about PE, but only made the decision the start PEing this year in February(02/21) after being skeptical and shit. So I bought the PF, BM x30, and I'm about to buy the Stealth and maybe the LengthMaster. I also got this link from another PE...
  14. I

    Need advice

    I need some insight and advice. I have these hard cord like "ligs" or something the run on the top of my dick. They don't hurt or anything they just super tight when I stretch. I feel as if they weren't there I could really stretch myself out. I've read about the "cord" or "steel cord" and am...
  15. youknowme123321

    VIDEOS & PICS - VacHanger3 - First Time Use

    I tried the VacHanger3 for the first time. I tried it on within 30 minutes of opening it lol. It is very easy to apply. In the first video I didn't use a sleeve b/c i forgot to lol. I also didn't use any anti fluid retention measures only b/c i wanted to see what would happen without it. As you...
  16. M

    Sizegenetics/PeniMaster Pro combo?

    Could the PeniMaster Pro Glans enhancer be used with the SizeGenetics to help me with my glans enhancement work?
  17. T

    Trade-in Program

    Before the LengthMaster was released, DLD mention something about us being able to trade in our Power Assists for Length Masters (at a reduced price) upon their release? Just wondering if that is currently possible?
  18. T

    Co-inventor of LenghMaster :-) LOL

    DLD, You should offer a free LenghMaster to the poor guy in the video. LOL :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYGH1Jqh8V4
  19. Lightning

    Buy any Bathmate & get a LengthMaster 50% Off!

    For the next 30 days, MoS is offering 50% off the purchase of a LengthMaster when you purchase any Bathmate through one of our Bathmate affiliate links! Purchase Your Bathmate Here Please send your Bathmate Purchase confirmation to admin@mattersofsize.com to receive your discounted LengthMaster.
  20. C

    What is your favourite device and/or exercise? And the one/ones you really hate?

    Hi everybody. I don't know if this has been posted before, in this case feel free to delete it. :-) I already know that everything helps, every device or exercise, but here i'm asking about YOUR favourite, i mean... it's a personal thing... So, the questions are: 1) What is the device, or...
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