1. S

    Silistretcher Vs. Lenghtmaster 2.0

    Ok guys so ive been saving for one of this 2 and i already asked the gurus of this inventions but i really want to hear about everybody else who has them!!! It would be great if you could post your experience and gains !!!! So i have the mityvac and has been wonderful but its not for...
  2. D

    Frustrating PE

    I have just purchased a length master and so far it’s been frustrating. I can’t have it on for any amount of time without my head filling with blood. If I loosen it up, it just slips out. I’m using a silisleeve and sports prewrap currently because I can’t seem to get a good wrap otherwise...
  3. NIK1

    Zen Hanger Deluxe real leather lace up penis hanger

    Just wondering about this lace up Hanger.The Zen Hanger Deluxe real leather lace up penis hanger / stretcher with silicone sleeves..
  4. S

    Just getting started

    I tried 20 some years ago to do a manual routine and failed miserably. Mainly because I felt like this could never work. After lurking here off and on for a while I have decided to give this a real go. I just ordered the Lenghmaster, Phallosan Forte, and Bathmate. These tools just make sense...
  5. U

    Lengthmaster problems

    I have been having some trouble with the lengthmaster lately. First of all, I find it difficult to get a good comfortable session in. It seems to only happen about half the time. And I have to use a good amount of wrap and sleeve just so it doesn't feel like my dick's in a bear trap. That gets...
  6. M

    LG Hanger with LengthMaster.

    Hello, Does anyone know how I can tie my LG chamber to the LengthMaster? I seen KingD did it but I am unsure how to do that. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,
  7. C

    Would you keep PE a secret from your GF or significant other?

    Hello Guys, My question for you guys is would you keep PE a secret from your GF or significant other? Please give me honest responses! My dilemma is that I am in a long distance relationship and I haven't seen her since I started PE a month ago, and I want to tell her when she notices a...
  8. A

    ���� stars actual size(NSFW)

    Hello everyone, I'm a old reader, I know a lot about PE, but only made the decision the start PEing this year in February(02/21) after being skeptical and shit. So I bought the PF, BM x30, and I'm about to buy the Stealth and maybe the Length master. I also got this link from another PE...
  9. I

    Need advice

    I need some insight and advice. I have these hard cord like "ligs" or something the run on the top of my dick. They don't hurt or anything they just super tight when I stretch. I feel as if they weren't there I could really stretch myself out. I've read about the "cord" or "steel cord" and am...
  10. youknowme123321

    VIDEOS & PICS - VacHanger3 - First Time Use

    I tried the VacHanger3 for the first time. I tried it on within 30 minutes of opening it lol. It is very easy to apply. In the first video I didn't use a sleeve b/c i forgot to lol. I also didn't use any anti fluid retention measures only b/c i wanted to see what would happen without it. As you...
  11. M

    Sizegenetics/PeniMaster Pro combo?

    Could the PeniMaster Pro Glans enhancer be used with the SizeGenetics to help me with my glans enhancement work?
  12. T

    Trade-in Program

    Before the Length Master was released, DLD mention something about us being able to trade in our Power Assists for Length Masters (at a reduced price) upon their release? Just wondering if that is currently possible?
  13. T

    Co-inventor of LenghMaster :-) LOL

    DLD, You should offer a free LenghMaster to the poor guy in the video. LOL :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYGH1Jqh8V4
  14. Lightning

    Buy any Bathmate & get a LengthMaster 50% Off!

    For the next 30 days, MoS is offering 50% off the purchase of a LengthMaster when you purchase any Bathmate through one of our Bathmate affiliate links! Purchase Your Bathmate Here Please send your Bathmate Purchase confirmation to admin@mattersofsize.com to receive your discounted LengthMaster.
  15. C

    What is your favourite device and/or exercise? And the one/ones you really hate?

    Hi everybody. I don't know if this has been posted before, in this case feel free to delete it. :-) I already know that everything helps, every device or exercise, but here i'm asking about YOUR favourite, i mean... it's a personal thing... So, the questions are: 1) What is the device, or...
  16. T

    Lets add some inches down there!!!

    Im trying to put together a stretching routine....which hits every part of the penis, reason i want to make that happens is, if the penis is completely hit from every area its got to heal and got to grow. Make sense right??? ?:( ive got a PA and a good grip in my hands so i think im ready...
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