Id Rather Leave Mos After This


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Jul 7, 2003
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Please read what the member b1nzen48 said about me, if this is the way some people talk to you at mos then id rather leave. I know alot of you are nice people but when you have a low confidence level people saying stuff like that really hurts.
Im sorry if im being a loser but well it hurt me.


Jun 3, 2003
Members Please Keep in Mind That Not everyone who Posts here Speaks English. Some people that don't speak English Really have a hard time trying to Post in Forums like these because of Language Differences. Unfortunately there isn't Lots of good Penis Enlargement Forums like this in other Languages.

Keep in Mind, We are all Nationalities here. You should see some of the Emails we get from Foriegners, practically unreadable. But we are here to Help best we can.

We Have to all try to help each other here. We are not here to Judge each other on Grammar, if that was the case Pastmynavel would of Banned me a long time ago. Remember, We are here to get bigger Cocks.

German Stallion

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Jun 4, 2003
We are not your enemy pHUNKY, just wanting to help. Work at your posts. It takes time to learn this language and we try and keep a high level of posts here. I sometimes send a post and then check it after it was posted and I make grammar and spelling mistakes and I live in this USA. So, take it as a lesson and be tough! Stretch with the forum as you stretch your penis! <grin> GS


Jun 5, 2003
Two wrongs don't make a right. pUNKY, you need to make an honest effort to respect the guidelines and attempt to use proper grammar to the best of your abilities. And that b1 guy needs to tone down the animosity a wee bit, as flying off the handle like that won't solve anything... However I'm glad to see the situation has been resolved.
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