I need help to get motivated PLEASE HELP


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Jun 3, 2003
I am sooooooooooo damm lazy and tired that I am really starting to take the P**s when it comes to ma workouts.

I only do like 2/3 a week.
Mostly 2.

I need to be doing 3/4 but I find my self not being bothered to do them....I am tired or lazy and think. 'O well I cant be arsed'.

It must stop.

I cant go on like this.
I am worried and paranoid that my cock is small and is gunna shrink up if I dont workout and this makes it worse as I still cant do anything as I am so tired and lazy I get so involved in other things I never get round to doing it.

I have thought of what ma bird would say, what could be, what I'd think etc etc etc.
But it dunt work.

I need help, help on getting outta this HOLE of lazyness and depravity.

I have thought of doing it in the morning but I never get it done cos am sooo tired.

I am LAZY I know.
Please dont post USELESS commetns like ;Well to gain you only get what ya put it'; I KNOW THAT.
I need hekp in getting me in the FRAME of mind to do the stuff, but I cant.

Who can help and offer advise to get me motivated to do my routines more often?????

ANY advise ....sensible is welcome with open hands.
What is beating you down that is making you so tired? From what I gather your a fire fighter and younger. I am almost 30. You made decent gains already. If you need a fortnight break to clear some issues up go for it. Just get all your shit done and regroup. Only you know what your schedule is like. Maybe you have the annual fireman qualifications coming up and that is beating you down. There is no shame in a slight break or vacation.
Hey RED why dont you just take say a week off.i mean no pe no coming to pe sites .just have the time for you and your girl take this time to relax . you have been exercising now for 2 plus years . take a break ,i can handle our site ,and there are plenty of mods here to give info and help ...as well as at PP. if i need any help with our site there some others i can get to help , but i dont think that will be a prob. i dont see it growing that big in 1 week .just post at PP and here if you do want the week off and we will know that you aint jumped ship and left for good .....lol.

Your friend ,
Thats nice of you guys.
But I think Ill keep posting and stuff.

It aint that that tires me.
It is my job, I can not get stimulated to do the damm exercises cos I am either to worked up or tired/cane be bothred.

But I am going to have to make the effort.
Do them earlyer, like the mornin when am not tired or sumut similer.

I keep putting it off.
It annoys me ALOT as I did a 6 month CONSISTANT plan and now I am blew to hell.

any1 else having the same crap????

I just need to get back into sum sort of set plan.
I know what I want to do [exercises[ just doing it.

My job is okay at the mo'.
Its bad some days, but recent its been good.

INFACT I know what the problem could be.
My girl is away at the moment.
Her father is ill again, so she is back in Uruguay.

Maybe thats it, I am soooooo un-motivated to do anything.
Clean, shave, wash, get up etc etc. LOL.

Its insane.
And to think I will be doing a hardcore 2 week fire course in just over 1 weeks time.
I wont be online than for 2 weeks as I will be away in another country, very exotic doing some *new* work the gouvenment has set up [UK].

Anyways please all keep givin me ideas.

Are you a competitive guy? Maybe you need someone to compete with? I know if you dont get your ass in gear ....I'm going to pass you up in length! I'm 1/4" away from 8". Gained 1/4" the last couple weeks. Get busy! Just trying to help!
I am really sorry dude.
It must sound terrible indeed the way I ramble on.

I hope I aint de-motivated you?
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