Hydrocortisone and stretch marks


Sep 24, 2018
Hey y'all. Been doing the newbie routine for almost 6 weeks now and a couple weeks ago I read on here that hydrocortisone was good to apply after stretching. I tried doing this for a week or so but I thought I was seeing the beginning of stretch marks. I see that a potential side effect of hydrocortisone is stretch marks, so I stopped using it.

Any advice here? Should I use oils or cocoa butter to counter the stretch marks? Should I hold off on the hydrocortisone until I'm over newbie gains? Has anyone else dealt with stretch marks from PE excercises?
Hydrocortisone is the best cream to keep your skin in perfect condition. It will help eliminate redness, itching this, irritation, dryness, Stretch marks and any rash that may arise.
I have personally used Shea butter and Zinc cream for many things. And Betadine cream, that has also helped.

With gains there can be some stretch marks as the progress can be relatively fast. They can fade over time. Boldest might go for derma needling but I'd think the MoSRED can help with many skin issues along with other benefits. ;)
Sorry what's the MoSRED?

RED and Lightning have opened a few threads about it and overall red light / infrared light healing.
Sorry what's the MoSRED?

The combination that I’ve created here will definitely help you with all skin issues. MoSRED is the newest and hottest method of healing and gaining with more precision. Do use of hydrocortisone in addition to the lamp will eliminate many skin issues.
my 'go-to' is Coconut Oil...I apply a liberal amount after every PE session, (it also cleans-up really EZ)
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I use TriLASTIN cream for removing stretch marks and it really works my friend suggests me this. I also use bio-oil once in a day. I must recommend you use Trilastin cream but its only available on TriLASTIN Coupons, once use this I hope you will also get a good result.
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People are having incredible success with the MOSred! Discoloration and stretch marks seem to disappear very quickly under this powerful two way LED lamp. It seems to be making miracles happen according to those who have taken possession of one. Read through some of the reviews they are pretty mind blowing.
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