Health, Fitness, Diet, Body Building and Suppliment Forum...What do you guys think?


Jun 3, 2003
What do you think about a forum for Health, Fitness, Diet, Body Building and Suppliment Forum. I am thinking of merging the Tunica and Lig Forum with the Penis Enlargement Forum and adding the new forum. Any thoughts?
Sounds good to me too. I dont think the tunica and ligs need their own forums outside the general enlargement forum.
Just get it done already. Just kiddin....hope to see it done soon!
I'm definitely down for this. I'm looking into lowering my body fat % and then once the fat is gone, going on a maintainable bodybuilding regimen.

Someone mentioned something about It would be worthwhile to contact that guy and see if he'd be interested in posting/moderating the new forum!
Sweet dude! I've noticed enough discussion on general health and nutrition to justify it. Thanks.
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