Healing in SRT. The missing link to gaining through healing!


Jun 3, 2003
Healing in SRT explained.

For many years we went about PE only training to make gains. Some struggled to make gains, others made great gains and some people didn’t gain at all. This confused me and I needed to know why some men were gaining them some were not. After much research SRT was written and since that time this methodology has proven itself to be superior to any other methods.

I think the biggest difference between men who gain faster than others is by using the healing techniques in SRT. When I wrote SRT I want it to be not only the fastest gaining routine but putting into effect healing measures that would speed up the process tremendously.

This post is meant to teach the simple basics of the healing process. No matter what you were doing in PE it is vital that you follow it up with healing techniques. I will also cover discoloration and skin conditions. I’m gonna make this short and easy to understand as possible.

What does healing require? Here is the list of things you will need to bring the fastest healing possible.

ACE wrap
Titan Penis Supplent
Apple Cider Vinegar

With these items I will explain each part of the healing process.

The SiliRing Is a girth routines best friend. After we get done training for girth many people just finished up and took their penis away. This is a total waste of a huge opportunity to bring girth gains faster and cement them permanently. After every girth session the siliring should be put on for at least two hours or more to keep your pumped penis expanded as it heals.

The SiliStretcher Is both a gaining device and a healing device. We will cover the healing portion today. After training for length many brothers will simply put on their underwear and pants and get on with their day. This is, again, a huge waste of an opportunity to allow yourself to heal. After you are finished with your length routine simply put your SiliStretcher on at a moderate tension to keep your penis elongated as long as possible to make the gains become permanent. You can spend as much time as you like as there is no limit to how much you can stretch.

ACE wrap Can be used for many things but most people use it to keep themselves wrapped in an elongated state through the night. For some people this is not enough and they should look towards the SiliStretcher. If you do not follow this method your gains will slow and making them permanent will take so much longer.

SiliSleeves are another multi-purpose healing method. In this case this would be a solution to sleeping through the night that’s safe. The two methods of wearing a device through the night are the SiliSleeves and the Ace bandage. But much testing is going on right now with the SiliStretcher wearing it through the night and many have had success. If you’re able to wear your sillstretcher through the night without issues this would be the best possible way to heal.

Hydrocortisone Is the most important cream you should have on hand at all times. Using this once a day will keep your skin in perfect condition. No more dryness, redness, irritation or any other skin issue. If you want your penis to look good as you get bigger please use this once a day and you’ll never ever have skin issues.

The other portion to this which is very incredible people will need to wait, when hydrocortisone is used with our new infrared lamp collagen is increased and discoloration will disburse. More on that when the Infrared lamps come in.

Bacitracin Is a antibiotic ointment that’s used on open sores or cuts. If you have a blister, open cut or any other issue that could cause scarring Bacitracin is used in the area will heal very quickly without any type of scarring. So many people complain later in there journey that they’re upset about there the condition of their penis. If they would’ve used this ointment and the Hydrocortisone above they would have no scarring, pitting or any other issues. Both bacitracin and hydrocortisone are about $10 combined and it will be the best $10 you’ve ever spent on your skin.

Titan Penile Health Pills
These pills will do a few things in healing. The first thing is your penis will hang heavier because it will be greater blood flow and the heavier hanging flaccid penis will add to your flaccid length. You also be able to achieve erections faster cutting down on the refractory period. Being able to get faster and longer erection is very beneficial in girth work too.

Apple cider vinegar and how it keeps discoloration at bay. Many people when they get discoloration will go to the Apple cider vinegar fix and have decent results but there’s a much better method to this which I call preventative. If you use apple cider vinegar three times a week for five minutes it will keep discoloration at bay. Discoloration is one of the biggest complaints people have so this is a great method to prevent that. The exciting news is when we get our new infrared lamps using apple cider vinegar with Infared will quickly eliminate even the darkest discoloration.

I hope I kept this very basic and easy to understand and I hope my brothers will take my advice here and start to implement these things. The faster you heal the faster you gain. PERIOD!

Thnx man - useful reminder to heal and gain!

I want to truly highlight the parts of SRT that are healing so brothers can understand just how important these things are. I think sometimes people do not read completely through SRT so making a thread specific to the healing parts I thought it was a good idea.

If these things are followed in healing the gaining process will speed up tremendously bringing and making permanent girth and length gains. If brothers decide to skip the healing portion of SRT they are losing so much opportunity to make growth. I want people to take healing very seriously as that is 1/2 of the SRT process. Those who follow these healing measures will atest to the importance of their gaining.
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