1. R

    Healing in an extended state manually?

    Does anyone know, based on your personal experience, the best way to heal in an extended state manually after a length routine? To cement those gains?
  2. DLD

    Healing in SRT. The missing link to gaining through healing!

    Healing in SRT explained. For many years we went about PE only training to make gains. Some struggled to make gains, others made great gains and some people didn’t gain at all. This confused me and I needed to know why some men were gaining them some were not. After much research SRT was...
  3. NIK1

    Veet Hair Remover Burn Spots

    I have used Veet Hair Remover Sensitive Skin Formula before on my Private Parts and always had Very Good Results with no mishaps. Very smooth like a Baby's Bum and no Stubble for weeks. Last Fri I was using Veet around the Base of my shaft and scrotum and got distracted, I always left it on for...
  4. Lightning

    New MOS Custom Dual Infrared for Advanced Healing and Erection Quality!!!

    As many of you might of read or heard, Dual Red Infrared healing is the real deal. It is scientifically proven and drastically speeds up healing deep tissue and close range tissue while improving erection quality big time even after using! There are people that have regrown the frenulum from...