case study extremely big problem. HELP SOMEBODY PLEASE....

somehow ive ended here after battling this injury for al most 6 months. im in my 40's . i had jelqed off and on and pumped for a month or 2. nothing serious. felt better, and hung better it seemed. no real serious gains expected. just wanted better bloodflow and quality.

one day, i jelqed a bit harder than i had been, but no pain, and jsut for a minute. next day i pumped and accidentally went more than i wanted. no pain. immediately released and red along the base of the shaft. within the day it was gone. several days later i woke up with a shrunken unit and slight numbess on the shaft. had all hard flaccid symptoms.

was scared, so continued making my self have sex,. after a month or so, it seemed it was subsiding. i still woke up in the morning with a chub. but everything shrank to nothing during the day.then it started seeming like if we had sex more than once a week, it would traumatize everything and destroy my libido and size again.

very sensitive glans with burning /cooling feeling. shrunk all day. no erections. no night erections. then it would come back a week later with her, and we'd have sex again. eventually i figured out we had to quit for awhile. 6 months later, here i am. we just went a month of nothing. i still walk around all day shrunk to nothing. we had sex 2 days ago and it was great, but now it seems to be overly sensitive again. only time i hang normally , is if i lay down in bed awhile. but soon after i get up, its all gone again.

sensitivity/nerve damage, seems likely, but not sure. nothing feels like me down there unless im hard. it doesnt seem like i did anything too hard/painful to cause this, but i obviously did. not sure if this will heal ever, but i cant take any more panic attacks and anxiety. its hard to make it to bedtime every day. its the only relief i get.

it feels like i have half what i did on a normal day now, with no arousal. ive also noticed a constant pressure moreso while shrunken, in my rectum /perenium area,that tightens when i flex my penis. i get decent morning/night erections sometimes, and sometimes not as much. but im sure my anxiety day to day is effecting that . i cannot masturbate to get hard since the 2nd month of this, due to it irritating the nerves it seems on the head. actual sex doesnt irritate it as much, but it still does.

i always have the numbness/sensitivity issue to some degree, but its super bad when its shriveled up and burns. im just not sure the nerves will heal, and i dont know what to do now. im mentally exhausted and depressed. i can barely force myself to work or do anything that involves moving. it lets me know every step of every day what ive lost.
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As the old saying goes, whatever you elimited as impossibilities and arrive to the probabilities, no matter how illogically they may appears, that may and can be the remaining answers to ponder upon.

Constipation is an indication of lack of fluid, or a release of too much electrolytes from the system. Think about and log how much fluid you take in, how much left your body as urine and sweat, and compile the info the past 5 days back. Little do we know that too little of water with a certain electrolytes level we have can hinder us in so many ways. Soon enough, lack of water and electrolytes will cause body pains, like back,neck, and arms. You then get a bit of twitches all over your body. Headaches, tremors, and even cold sweats come later.

You body is actually attempting to flush and recharge the areas lack of fluid. Pay attention to it. I blacked out and fell on my knees earlier, nearly crackes my face open at the door's edge, because of draining field works, lack of hydration, and lack of sleep caught up with me. Mind you that I drank over a gallon of water, but my body pulled the water from everywhere else to compensate for the lacking. That was my back and muscles from my legs. In your caee, it's the lower body.

Log, log, and log.
im in bad shape. not gonna lie. outlook is not real great. just doesnt feel very fixable anymore. i drink water from the time i get up till the time i go to bed everyday
I'm reality, it is fixable. Just stay healthy and perform proper PE exercises to keep the blood flowing.
if you could feel what i feel, you wouldnt ever touch yourself again in any way. and nor can I now. only thing going on now is im living. im really healthy. but thats as far as it goes. my penis is junk. it no longer feels or has any sexual interest. i dont know what happened, but things just seem worse now than theyve been. you just cant be interested in anything when everything in your pants is gone and feels locked up and burns all day.
Body health is just an important as penile health
im in bad shape. not gonna lie. outlook is not real great. just doesnt feel very fixable anymore. i drink water from the time i get up till the time i go to bed everyday
Drinking to much water can dilute your body fluids. If you don't take in the proper nutrients daily this can become a problem. I sweat alot and my diet isn't perfect, so I take MV (Multivitamin), Omega-3 and Vitamin D3 daily.

Try add little bit of salt in your water from time to time (not to much).
i have not. will take months to even get in. i already take many multivitamins. its just all damaged and screwed up. my body seems to reject anything sexual more and more as time goes on. what a waste
i have not. will take months to even get in. i already take many multivitamins. its just all damaged and screwed up. my body seems to reject anything sexual more and more as time goes on. what a waste
I understand, or I don't understand, I can only imagine. I hope you will recover fully. If nerves are damage it can probably take some time.

@oldandlively had a very good explanation on this. But can't find it now, it was about pressure/vaccum and nerves in relation to over pressure/vaccum.

I don't know if this is true but I think I got this here from MoS (if I understood it correctly). If overpressure the penis, you can push the nerves to far from each others, so they get damaged. They can't transmit signals to each other. So it can take some time for them to "fix" themselves.

I had some of this in the past when going to 15 in.Hg vaccum pressure, but nowhere near your situation. Needed rest some days to recover. My penis was somewhat numb and had some clod strange feeling in it.

Just trying to cheer you up. I believe you will recover.
i just dont feel anything right in the glans anymore. it just feels like a nerologic nightmare. it doesnt feel like anything is going anywhere but down...sigh.
been to 3. waiting on pelvic floor therapy. they already cancelled once. today has turned out horrible,. cant feel anything but shriveled uselessness, and burning. oversensitivity in glans has been through the roof. been rough. its time for bed. the only time i can get away.
kinda weird after yesterday shrunk and irritated. had good erection last night. soon as i get out of bed, its like somebody clamped off everything. super turtle again. tried to lightly get an erection in shower. just gets a slight increase. very thin, no girth or volume. not my penis at all when it does this. feels tight in perenium. the sensitivity and numbness is one thing. and i could get around that part if that were it. but this complete constriction crap is whats got me locked down. i can do anything like this. it has slowly gotten worse and worse since the beginning.

i think it started in the first month when i felt it gurgling when i was getting hard and kegeling. the more time went on, the less package i carried. i used to be nice and plump in the morning,then it would wane during the day. but then when i lie down at night, it would come back. all that slowly faded away. now i never really get it back it seems. even as soon as my night erection goes away, it just seems to wither down to nothing. used to stay plump after that. and im mainly writing this to me, so i can go back and read it . lol
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This perineum things is definitely pelvic floor issue and I had once this things and got em fixed with specific stretching exercises of the pelvic floor. Despite this, your mental state must be stronger. As a brother towards brother I am one with many mental issues and I am telling you what to do because I understand you. You must seek help to a psychiatrist asap, go to andrologist and pelvic floor therapist. It is like it sounds 1.2.3
I would get to a urologist who specializes in ED immediately. Hate to sound alarmist, but the longer you wait the worst things can get.
ive kinda calmed down for now. yesterday was rough. when something changes it freaks me out. even if its a good change. the bad makes me overlook the good. yesterday was really really sensitive and burned . which hasnt been that severe in awhile. which made me not even notice my internal penis kegeling pain is gone. probably temporary but who knows. i dont have it today either. yet. i just have some internal pressure still yet. but maybe stretching is starting to help a little. i even got a slight arousal about an hour ago, which hasnt happened lately . i may just be mentally rushing my glans feeling healing . maybe i just need more time and keep my mind up and keep excercising . everything is just traumatized.
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