A Thank You to the Members


Jun 3, 2003
I want to let everyone know that you are all doing a great job here. We are developing a very good, serious Penis Enlargement forum with some great input. This forum has been up a little over a week and the threads have been very comprehensive and interesting. I think we are becoming a very valid voice in the Penis Enlargement world and I only see things getting better. This is all part of my dream and you guys are making that happen. 2 weeks ago I felt like giving up, today I can see the light. Thanks for making this dream happen.

Glad you didnt give up as then this great resource for P.E wouldnt exist.Thanks for the site/forums:)
Indeed, thanks to you for your help and support in my Penis Enlargement journey.

Without someone like you (DLD), I would never have known I
could safely and naturally increase the length and girth of my
favorite 'little friend'! Good job on the website, by the way...
Wow, gotta say DLD, I'm impressed by this. You've done a really good job of splitting up the topics, something other forums don't do. Well done and good luck with the site
I agree--the topics are split up very well. Each topic is specific enough to know where to go in order to see/post a certain thread, yet vague enough so that each topic has some "play."
GREAT job!
It is a great forum! Especially b/c of Jen's sexy pic forum :D
This is DLD Appritiation week. We thank you for everything

It is because of you personally that I am a member here. When I started Penis Enlargement again in Jan. and found you on �other PE site� and peforum, I found you to be so genuinely helpful and supportive to people on the subject. Also, you were the first person in the 3+ years of goofing around with Penis Enlargement until getting very dilligent now (because I see the proof of you and others here), that had picture proof of real gains that you made me a believer. I found you here at MOS and have not been to those sites since. A tip of the hat to you and happy birthday Man..
Yeah, thanks DLD, If it wasn't for this site I'd have a lot more free time on my hands. :gluedtosc
Real glad I stumbled across this site, it's just a shame a month before I came here I joined another paysite that has nothing on this place!
Wow, thanks guys! Such an old thread and we have come so far.
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