1. L

    Viagra for size?

    Read somewhere here that it would be good for size to be able to have a boner 24/7. Now, I read online that you can get a 3-4 hours boner with Viagra. What if I combine this with manual work? Do the workout beford bed and then take a pill to stay hard for at least a few hours of healing?
  2. T

    burst a blood vessel in BM!

    The night before Thanksgiving I was doing my usual Bathmate routine. I did a 15 min. set while doing kegels and a quick hardcore stretch at the end. When I took off the Bathmate and emptied it out I saw the the water was red. Then I looked at my glans and there was a bit of blood around my...
  3. R

    is fr for me

    I've been thinking about doing fr for some time but still unsure about it. Can you use the tlc for both length and restoration? And what is the difference in being turtle and having foreskin. Im guessing its like being turtle while your hard? And does that mean you would be turtled when its in...
  4. PhallusOfOsiris

    Frenulum Tying!

    Hello everyone. I'm a new member to the forums having just registered, but have been frequenting them for a while now. I decided it's time to register and hopefully add my own knowledge to this place! :) Now, i've been doing my own Penis Enlargement routine off and on since the start of the...
  5. P

    Post workout fatigue/soreness

    Hey everyone, as the title says, I have a couple questions: 1.) I have outgrown the X-40e in regards to girth and have to switch over to the X-40, but I'm finding it extremely hard to do the exercises because I am a bit lacking in length (5.5-5.75) and cant seem to get enough pressure with the...
  6. stillwantmore

    Why You Won't Gain

    Well, most likely some reasons you won't: I’ve been doing Penis Enlargement for about 12 years now very off and on, however I have the gains to speak for my time around the community. I’m not trying to come off a braggart. I have helped MANY men better understand Penis...
  7. A

    Best Ass is Sports!

    Saw her live and even this videos do not do her justice! Her ass is like two pillows made of silk bouncing around when you see her up close!
  8. D

    Serious question: Will Penis Enlargement prevent you from getting a FULL ERECTION?

    just curious, most of the pictures i see of others with these massive members are not with a throbbing rock hard erection. does Penis Enlargement not allow for a full erection? just curious what other's experiences are. thank you! im a newbie, please be kind.
  9. L

    bathmate hardcore

    when doing Bathmate hardcore streches everyday, wouldnt that just ruin your EQ??
  10. REDZULU2003

    Her first big cock story

    Copied this and thought it sounded alright to mention here. Not over the top and seems genuine. ------- Author's infos: Female, 32, New Jersey, USA Introduction: I found this site and thought it would be fun writing my own true story. This happened to me just a couple weeks ago. Let...
  11. D

    odd dull pain in glans

    About 3 days ago I awoke to find that right sight of my glans right next to the urethra opening was sending out these weird pain waves. Like they were not really painful, just mildly irritating, like you were pinching your glans or something. It's kind of like a throbbing pain but it only...
  12. K

    The Snake Man's sex life thanks to PE

    Hey what's up fellas. I've been fucking around with a lot of women this year and have posted my experiances on other Penis Enlargement sites in the past. I am going to start posting this years pussy conquest as motivation for all to stay consistant with there Penis Enlargement training...
  13. S

    What do you do to visualize your goals?

    I realized just now how important that is - numbers alone or a factor are not sufficient. Various objects like deodorant, lighter fuel and so on helped me. But there is something missing, realistically it doesn't help this much since nobody has a cylindrical boner :P I've found this...
  14. REDZULU2003

    Girl at work wants me but I'm not sure about the age

    Hello gentelmen :cool: At work currently a girl who works in the kitchen and assists the chef with the meals and doing the tables has a crush on me so I've been told by other female members of staff. She's a pretty fit blonde with a nice body and rack. She's also quite petite aswell. I;ve...
  15. C-Dog

    SizeGenetics Extender Multi-part Review

    I'll be writing this review in multiple parts for two reasons: 1) Because I find most people don't want to read through endless paragraphs, and 2) I expect that the more I use the Extender over time, the better insight I'll be able to offer as part of a review. So in this first part, let's...
  16. shavenasian

    Newbie Clamping question

    Guys I want to try out clamping, and have a quick question. If my girth is say 5.75 inches, what size of clamp do I need? I am thinking of the getting the reusable cable clamps that many of you guys seem to use but was confused over sizing. Appreciate your help
  17. fonic

    Sos mos legends!!!

    hey, i need help big time guys, for the first time since i started pe i have become ever so slightly despondent, now thats due to not making any progress on the length gains, i find girth so much easier to pack on, in the last week i choose just to bang out girth work only because i know iam...
  18. C

    Jelqing at 100 percent

    I wish jelqing while 100% was safe because while doing my jelqs I'm usually end up being 100 percent erect then I wait awhile to get down to 60-80 percent. Anyone jelq at 100 or what are some good percentages to jelq at.
  19. T

    Does having a monster mean more orgasm?

    Considering when your penis is bigger than it originally was will that mean a bigger orgasm? because logically that means I think there would be more blood and hormones going to your penis, thus having more of a rush and a greater orgasm.
  20. DLD

    DLD Hardcore BathMate Stretches...The Missing Link to Length Gains

    Over my time involved in penis enlargement I have come out with hundreds of exercises, spanning from DLD Blasters to Slow Squash Jelqs there has been some great advancements in Penis Enlargement and the way we approach exercise. With the inception of penis enlargement equipment on MOS forums we...
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