1. C

    Ouch. Gotta lay off the LengthMaster for a few days

    Apparently I pinched myself and didn't notice until I was jelqing last night. Got a little blood blister on the shaft. Still getting used to clamping myself in. I'm getting better at it but not perfect yet. No biggie, manual stretching work only for a few days. Doesn't hurt but I don't want to...
  2. bandit2010

    bathmate vacuvin mod..

    Guys if you have not done the vacuvin mod on the bathmate, I suggest you do it. All I can say is holly hell the expantion I got of just 2x5, I know someone that is going either be in trouble when she gets it, or she is going to love it.
  3. S

    All-day c-ring

    Want an all-day ring for srt, can anyone point me to a jelly-type ring that would be good for this purpose?
  4. A

    Starting PE exercises

    Hello, I am starting PE exercises. So far I have been doing 100 Jelqs a day with a stretching session shortly after. Doing 100 V- Stretches (flaccid penis of course) I have noticed flacid penis gains, and a little bit of thickness gains. I have been doing it for a month. My problem is I...
  5. megamike

    Can you believe that shit?

    check this shit out. I have no issue with length,but girth? 6.25-6.5 ? come one man thats bullcrap lol they couldn't handle that
  6. B

    Routine, End Goal, Motivation/Determination

    Just wanted to open up a new thread to what I am doing, where I want to end up, and how I'm pushing myself to achieve it this time. I always would have a goal in mind, but after a good round of sex would lose motivation. I believe this is because I wasn't visualizing my goal in the bedroom...
  7. Y

    Turtling prevention

    New here so not sure if this is the proper forum. But I have found a very effective way to prevent turtling that I wanted to share. I know they say turtling is natural, but it annoys the hell out of me and I'm always reaching down to make adjustments. The last two days I have tried using Breathe...
  8. Perestroyka

    What is the size women consider the dick BIG?

    Sitting in here in front of PC and wondering, what is the size women actually see the dick BIG? We all know their perception of seeing the size of a dick which is 8x6 like when we see the dick 9x6.5. So anybody ever "digged" more to find out the true answer? P.S I'm sorry if anybody talked on...
  9. eugine8plz

    Phallosan... Too big for medium bell, too small for large bell

    So I have been using the phallosan for a bit and now that I have stopped using the protector cap because it was really worn/stretched out. Ever since I have stopped using the protector cap I haven't been able to fit into the medium bell, but when I go to put on the large bell I lose suction in a...
  10. dickerschwanz

    Going for that THICK BASE! How to achieve monster BASE girth with a male hanger?

    Im strictly aiming for a thick monster Base Girth! I know that hanging achieved that for many as a side effect. I want to go all out aiming for that BG! >:( :cool: Which angles, weights and techniques to use with a male hanger to achieve that? Shoot your ideas.
  11. I

    Recommended Cock Ring

    I'm really shooting for girth around 1/2 inch I'm currently 5 inches and would like to get to 5.5 MEG. I've seen wearing a cock ring after sessions is good for keeping improving girth I have a few questions... 1) Like the title says is there a recommended cock ring? 2) How long do you wear...
  12. D

    Back on the grind...questions?

    Hey guys, I did start a new thread earlier but it never got posted. Maybe I pressed the wrong button. Not gonna bore you with back story.. Bathmate didn't work for me as no privacy, my vacutech arrived today. I brought the thick walled elliptical system. Obviously air pumping is quite...
  13. D

    Just received my vacutech!! Questions?

    Hey guys long story short back on the grind again. Bathmate didn't work out as have no privacy. Brought a vacutech at the end of November, got held up in customs till last Wednesday. It arrived with half the box missing. I brought the thick wall elliptical system. But only items in box was the...
  14. megamike

    increasing width

    what are good exercises to increase width,not girth, but width
  15. B

    Just brought vacutech...please help a brother

    A bit of my P.E history My P.E has never really taken off due to not getting any alone time to use my bathmate Always felt rushed in the bathroom when flat sharing. Previously at my mums she didn't want me pumping In the bath. I'm back at my parents for the time being and have just brought a...
  16. D

    Just brought Vacutech thick wall elliptical air pump

    Hey fella's, little run down of previous P.E history. Been living at my mum and dads on and off for past year. Brought a bathmate Hercules in April, found it a struggle to get enough time in bath to use it. I also started developing sperm chord pain, I think from over pumping... (can someone...
  17. Tearitup

    Favorite lube for jelqing

    Just wondering what you guys use to lube up for jelqing? I usually jelq in the shower and use olive oil but that's a little messy for out of the shower. What do you guys like to use? I also had a tiny bit of lavender, tea tree, niacin.
  18. B

    erect streches?

    alright i have been lurking for a while and i see erect stretches mentioned a lot but i cant seem to find an example or a laid out description anywhere can somone pls explain or make a video pls
  19. N

    Will this penis pump straighten my dick?

    Hi so my dick curves upward since I was a teen & i'd like to straighten it out 100%. I know the only proven way to straighten the dick is by using a penis extender but I'd like to buy this penis pump so it'll hopefully straighten my dick here it is Tool Shed Toys. It's got a narrow cylinder (1.5...
  20. the boss!

    2 Major Issues I dealed with when I started. (That no one is talking about.)

    My PE journey dates Way back like 4-5 years ago, I was a kid so I was insecured I read and read and read.. checked progress pics, but never really took action. At much older age I started Jelqing and kegeling. But never consistently Lets skip to 2016! on and off as always until 2 months...
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