1. T

    Seriously need a real solution o Length master wrapping

    I have been having real troubles with my length master wrapping. My penis is getting cut by the length master. I was using pre tape to wrap along with abrasive tape thick layers. But my dick was still getting pushed up and was getting caught by the length master its gotten to the point where I...
  2. T

    The lengthmaster is cutting my dick

    So i wrap my penis pretty well and make the wrap very thick. I tighten the lm very tight, however the LM keeps pushing the tape up and its cutting my dick and its very uncomftorable. Any solutions?
  3. RBG

    Sleep with VLC Tutorial

    Hello Brotherhood, This is my first post in this community, and I came here to share with you a tutorial on the use of VLC while you sleep! I saw many brothers complaining that the device would come off, so I came up with a fix. Materials: -VLC Tugger -VLC Strap -Micropore tape...
  4. orgasmic19

    Need help picking condoms out for the first time?

    Are thicker condoms safer than thin condoms and what condoms help prevent stds? And, what condoms do you recommend?
  5. T

    Long Read. Suffered ED at young age from PE but Fighting back for size! Not all bad!

    Hi guys. I would like to tell my story. Many years ago, about 10, I found out about PE. I had a normal penis and was a healthy, spry, 18 year old horny teen. One day, I read about jelqing and I quickly sort of jumped right in. An hour later, I was erect jelqing, my eyes could not believe the...
  6. S

    Wrap vs sleeve

    I'm pretty settled on sleeve because I think I might be too lazy to wrap, but is there a clear benefit with one or the other?
  7. N

    Phallosan Forte Device modificaions (+ little back story)

    Hello MOS community! This is going to be my first post! I have been on and off PE for about 3 years now and have made 0 gains to my knowledge, but have never had a full understanding of PE as I relied solely on devices having ever only used the size genetics on and off and the bathmate but...
  8. megamike

    Girth and age

    I have read somewhere that girth comes as you age,is that true or is it just another myth?
  9. A


    So....I originally posted a month or so ago about how hard the veins were during pumping. I got some great advice: I was using too much pressure. I have gone for very low pressure and spread it out and am gaining the thickness i like. Now though, i have big veins popping up on one side of my...
  10. Castiel

    Huge cum LOAD

    ehi guys, are you taking some stuff for bigger cums and best orgasm? I'm taking lecithin(big load), pygeum(precum), l-arginine (stronger erection) , maca , damiana(ball size) and zinc from 3 day...too early too see result...:cool: 1) anyone taking somenthing? 2) how your girl reacted? 3)when...
  11. A

    Puffy vs Hard Veins

    Hi, I've been pumping on/off for a few years. In the past, I would get thick/puffy and really liked it. Now, I get hard and do not get puffy/thicker. The veins start feeling hard so I quit. What's up with that and how do i get back to puffy? That's where I saw gains.
  12. orgasmic19

    Need advice if I should keep my hair

    Hey, guys I can't decide if I should cut my hair or leave it alone. As of right now I usually wear it in a ponytail, but when out in public I wear a baseball cap to hide my hair. I have the kind of hair that is wild and hard to maintain. I mean my hair is very curly and thick and frizzes up...
  13. acromegaly

    silicone sleeves

    does anyone know where to buy different size sleeves, diameter not just length...
  14. X

    Study: tunica strength / deformation

    Hey guy, I stumbled upon a cool study that some of the theory/ science guys around here might like. It's a study about the tunica of the penis regarding its tensile strength AND at what point the tunica will give in to deformation. This is the holy grail goal of PE IMO (figuring out exactly what...
  15. N

    I'm about to smash this Pro Extender against the wall!

    I'm starting to think that I bought a knock off. I wanted to get the SG but it wasn't available at my local dealer. For starters, the silicone tube faster system is a mess, the tube simply wont's stay in the notches were they are supposed to be, it looks like the are too thick. The "comfort" pad...
  16. B

    Thickness of comfort pad

    I ripped off the comfort ring on the bottom of my Hercules years ago. I just recently added the Bathmate back in my routine as a complement to my hanging. I've been using the ruler on the BM as a guide to my gaining. I was wondering if anyone knows what the measurement of how thick the comfort...
  17. K


    I've recently started wrapping with an ace for all day at work, I run into the problem where when I'm re wrapping or wrapping the first time I tend to get hard to semi hard. When I go soft the ace gets over the head and doesn't maximize flacid length. Any remedies for this?
  18. megamike


    Can your BPFSL decrease from exessive stretching after a long break? Or did the break cause thid decrease?
  19. X

    Staying motivated when you have plenty..

    Soooo, I'll admit. My motivation is kinda crap rn. I've had a super "busy" 2 weeks and it destroyed my drive for PE. Basically me and my gf broke up and I banged 2 girls (I was emotional and lonely and I'm on some testosterone so I'm horny too lol). Both of the girls commented on me being their...
  20. C

    My flaccid is smaller since starting with the LengthMaster

    When I was doing manual stretches I'd hang very long and full almost all day after a good workout. It was great. After getting the Bathmate everything was still the same. Since starting with the LengthMaster my flaccid doesn't stay full and long anymore. I'm turtling at times which I never did...
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