1. J

    Problems jelqing with alot of foreskin, anyone else?

    I have problems keeping the foreskin retracted when i jelq, it just keeps going over the glans everytime. It doesn't feel like the dick gets affected, its just the skin that gets really sore. Perhaps the solution is to jelq with oil or lube?
  2. B

    Bathmate Hydromax X40 - max out base girth no gains...

    Hi guys, i'm new to the forum. I wanted to pursue some girth gains primarily and have more private time to myself so I bought a bathmate hyromax x40 a couple of months ago. I am aiming for girth increases and wondering if the fact that i have a larger base girth that packs the X40 completely on...
  3. habban

    Picture of fluid retention?

    Hello! Does anyone have a bunch of or a picture of a penis with and without fluid retention? I need this explained with pictures. I would like to know and see the difference. I don't know how it looks like. Could it be possible to have fluid retention on the penis without even...
  4. E

    Lil Update and possible input from the brothers, some help if you may

    Hi MOS Lately i've taken my PE commitment to a new level, throughout all of 2016 so far. since feb 1st, i been doing this routine: Length Day: - warm up - 1 X Expressive stretches(all angles), 1 minutes each stretch. - 1 X Bundled stretches left and right, 1 minute each - 1 X...
  5. B

    Help With Routine, Please!

    Been doing PE for 2 months now. No real routine. I have the BM xx30, LM and SG. I've been doing PE daily mostly to condition myself and get adjusted. My LM sessions seem too short, roughly 15 mins. I struggle to stay in the BM for each 5 min rep and I've been able to wear the SG for 6-8 hours on...
  6. F

    Best starter equipment that's not as expensive? Or simple procedures just to start?

    Hi. Um. Ok so I'm kinda starting out. I'm almost completed my course and currently in a position where it doesn't really matter to anyone else, but I'm taking a final kick at working on my weight and improving my body to pretty much what I've wanted to be for a while now. After giving up...

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