1. W

    sphincter vs pc muscle - kegel the right way.

    Hi guys, Lately I've been reading more about kegels and it apears when doing them I also contract my sphincter more then the pc muscle itself. I don't have to pee all the time, so stopping the flow and locating it that way is pretty hard. I realy want my erections to be as rock hard without...
  2. Bluewolff

    Kegel question

    there are a few things i need to ask about "Kegel" exercise. 1) i never really done any Kegel exercises since i started useing the bathmate 1 month ago. how important is the kegel exercises? 2) if the kegel exercises are important what kinda effect does it have? 3) if the kegel...
  3. kak03

    Fun size experience

    I am still fairly new to doing PE and as I havent measured yet I am not sure if I have gained anything yet. However last night I had a very fun experience while having what would also generally be a fun experience anyway. Me and my girl were having anal sex as we often do and towards the end...
  4. T

    What length surprises most women?

    I keep thinking in order for a women to be in awe or shock when you drop your pants you gotta be at least 7 in. But when my ex first saw my oenis 5.8 she was shocked and I even would have to stop cause it'd hurt her. I even know some guys who are only 6.2 in but surprise girls. We all know...
  5. habban

    Road to width gains?

    Hello! I have recently started to notice that my "CS" area gets more and more filled, adding girth to my shaft. This is great yes and i'm glad i have found a promising way to develop it. But what i haven't found is a great way to manually increase width. When my penis is 100% erect and i keegel...
  6. D

    VACHANGER: any one gain using lower weights (5 lbs and under) and longer times?

    I can't use this thing safely above 6 pounds. Was wondering if anyone used this thing successfully with low weights and longer time? Any advice?
  7. A

    Doctor Thinks Bathmate Caused My Papules. Legal Action?

    So after over a year of dealing with my newly formed Papules and even posting on this site with great help from everyone. I finally contacted my doctor. I showed him pre and post Bathmate pictures and my routine. He , like I originally believed,believes that the Bathmate is definitely is what...
  8. johnny-wang

    What do you guys think?

    Hey guys, I'd please like to know your opinions on these 1, How much pressure/force should be exerted on the penis when stretching with the LM? 2, Would trapping the LM behind my thighs in a BTC angle and just leaving it there, while standing be enough to get a good stretch? I have tried...
  9. I

    Little EQ problem

    Since I have really stepped up the intensity in my length routine to the point my dick is out lasting my hands and arms, I am having some trouble getting good solid erections particularly during sex. I get hard enough to get the job done and even get really hard for a few seconds but then back...
  10. W

    Weighted kegel exercise??

    Anyone ever heard of this thing? It's called the "MPT" Maximum Pelvic Trainer for men. I stumbled on this device that you do kegels with and it has the option of adding weights to it. How effective do you all think this actually is? Other than sticking this up your ass, it seems like it could be...
  11. master_mind

    Want to cum like Peter north I found his secret.

    Here read this link I think it will be helpful to all of us. http://www.totalejaculationcontrol.com/Bonuses/SOAPSC2011Edition.pdf
  12. D

    Would Anybody Be Interested In PE Subliminal Messages?

    I have a program from the most reputable maker of subliminal message programs that is supposed to increase your penis size. Others have confirmed it's effectiveness, but I've been using a program for a different result, so I can't say how well it works personally. Would anyone like me to upload...
  13. G

    Some tips from Billy Glide!

    http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/mfjds/iama_straight_male_porn_star/ quotes from this website the guy is suppose to be Billy Glide quotes. A few tricks of the trade to last longer: When you're working or going about your day: 1.Tight underwear. Briefs. Try getting hard as much as possible...
  14. DLD

    Kegels and Reverse Kegels....The Gateway to Length Gains, The Gateway to Girth

    I think a lot of men tend to ignore the Kegel and Reverse Kegel as they see it as an internal mechanism that matters little to physical gains but this is a very misunderstood concept and I think it needs exemplification to help men see where these simple, muscular movements are so vital to...
  15. 6

    I need advice on how to not get a full erection when doing the exercises...

    It's like I've developed a Pavlovian response when I touch my penis for anything but urinating. It goes full hard quickly then if given a couple of minutes it goes semi flaccid again until I touch it again and then it is back to a full erection. What to do?
  16. G

    183ish in bathmate, not so much out?

    Hello, I am new to posting here, but have been looking around for about two months, and ordered a Bathmate 3 or 4 weeks ago. My problem is I started out with the Bathmate at 172ish, and now I can max out at 183ish, but I have tried to measure my penis to see if I'm gotten in gains at all...
  17. REDZULU2003

    Negative Consequences of Excessive Masturbation

    Frequent masturbation and ejaculation stimulate *1 acetylcholine & *2 parasympathetic nervous functions excessively, resulting in the over production of sex hormones and neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin. Abundant and unusually amount of these hormones and...
  18. bluetard117

    Kegeling difference while erect/flacid

    Ok, so I sat down with some juicy porn today, and decided to start doing kegels in the morning before I head off to classes, or whenever my first decent break of the day is. So, while I was erect, I did DLDs routine of kegeling, 100 quick reps, 50 5holds reps, and then I tried to go for a whole...
  19. DLD

    DLD Hardcore BathMate Stretches...The Missing Link to Length Gains

    Over my time involved in penis enlargement I have come out with hundreds of exercises, spanning from DLD Blasters to Slow Squash Jelqs there has been some great advancements in Penis Enlargement and the way we approach exercise. With the inception of penis enlargement equipment on MOS forums we...
  20. 8 X 8

    Extreme EQ, EF, and greater PE gains, thru herbal/pharma, and 2 technique/habits

    Greetings forum members, this will be my first official thread here I think, unless i posted the "Urethral Tadalafil" thread here as well. And If i did not, I'll paste that for my 2nd thread rofl: cool: This thread is here to explain how one can achieve a great improvement in: 1...