1. sikdogg

    Anal Sex 101: A How-to Guide

    There's been several threads relating to anal in the past. I took this as an express interest in the subject and thought that i may be of help to the youngins and those that are interested in exploring anal sex without the associated pain. The single biggest key is learning to relax the anal...
  2. X

    Anal help?

    Last night, my girlfriend and I were having sex while I was drunk. I was about to cum so I pulled out, but being in my drunken state, I didn't time it right so I tried to go back in. When I tried to go back in, my dick had slipped a little south and poked her asshole. I didn't penetrate, but...
  3. Bullmoose

    Body Orgasm

    Some time ago I had a problem with my prostrate. When I pissed it was like passing hot glass, at night I would have to go and piss at least five times during the night. I went to see the doctor and he gave me a rectal exam. I thought hey, that felt good. One day while searching the net I cam...
  4. Bullmoose

    Weak bladder or bad prostrate

    Well guys, do ya piss a lot at night. You know the routine, have a piss go to bed, an hour later, get up have another piss, back to bed, two hours later get up have another piss, and so it goes on all fucking night. When will I be empty of this piss cycle? Well I have found a product that...
  5. F

    someone figure this out? (ROP and testosterone)

    are we just increasing our testosteroe only for our body to lower it again? I'm really confused, they seem to know what they're talking about.
  6. L

    Losing Confidence

    I beleive in Penis Enlargement, especially after seeing gains in the first two weeks. But I think I need a pep-talk. Here's my story: I'm about six weeks into Penis Enlargement. I had some real quick gains the first 2.5 weeks, but they seem to have tapered off. And now my dick is starting...
  7. 9

    Edging discussion thread lasting longer prolonged orgasm

    I posted about this a few days ago in a somewhat unrelated thread, so it got ignored for the most part. So I figured I'd post it here because this is just too good!! I was reading the kegel article DLD posted in the Main Forum and it talked about the reason men tend to kegel while they are...
  8. B

    Bothersome problem

    On Friday of last week, I did my most recent Penis Enlargement session, but ever since then my penis always feels like it's ready to ejaculate. It's getting really annoying now. I actually got wet without even trying while sitting in the basement of the engineering library on campus studying for...
  9. S

    How To Ejaculate With Force AND Distance...and not just Dribble.

    I recently posted on this in another thread and I know it helped several guys who were having a "challenge" in this area. You kegel, kegel, kegel and kegel some more. Your PC muscles are no doubt much stronger than they used to be. BUT, when you ejaculate, your distance and the force with...
  10. Super

    The Ring of Power

    This is the best device for erection strengthening, impotence, low testosterone, more blood flow and faster healing in my opinion. Tom Hubbard had a great idea. Everyone needs one, I wear it 24/7. This device cause electricity to flow around your entire gentile bunch. Companies commerical...
  11. B

    Anal Sex! Hitting the G-spot!

    I was wondering if any one knows how to hit the G-Spot when having anal sex. I was wanting to make anal sex more pleasurable for my girlfriend so if any one has any tips i'd love to hear them...
  12. C


    Anyone else here suffer from shy-bladder? I've had it for almost 10 years now. I make due. But it still sucks. It makes it a little difficult to go out drinking at bars and such, but I usually can make it happen after enough tries, with slight embarrassment. Basically, if I'm in a public...
  13. DLD

    DLD's First Routine (I gained 2 inches with this routine) Full Tutorial

    This is a great starting routine. So many new guys do not know where to start so I put this together for you. Please read it over and ask any quetions. For the best in video, illustrations, sound bites and flawless text descriptions all organized into a 5 Phase system check out The MoS...
  14. ItsElectric

    The G-Crest and Female Ejaculation

    by Gary Schubach Ed.D.,A.C.S The question of the sexual phenomenon known as female ejaculation and whether there exists a female erogenous zone popularly known as the "G spot" have been major areas of continued controversy and debate among sex researchers, gynecologists and sex educators...
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