1. B

    Cumming Problems

    Ok so for a couple of days I've held off on masturbating and when I did it this morning it came out like terrible. It just oozed down instead of shooting, I figured i'd tell you guys some things i'm not quite sure that could be help contributing to this . Now im not sure but number 1 is alot of...

    Another anatomy guide

    Penis covered by sup/deep fascia of penis b/w the 2 fascia = dorsal cutaneous v below = dorsal v in midline, L & R dorsal a lat to it, and most lat is dorsal n General Info: held in back to perineal body (w/ bulbospongiosus m) goes through perineal membrane lat = fibromuscular tissue =...
  3. P

    I wanted to make pussies squirt

    hi, i have never done pussy squirting or sex before and I am a virgin. I feel all horny and I dont know what to do as it cannot be relieved. I have tried using pick up techniques on women but I have never succeeded. I wanted to have sex too and I didnt want other guys making getting them. I...
  4. jekyllnhyde360

    reg stretches or pc stretches whats the diff?

    so im wondering what the diffrence between doing regular streches and doing streches while pc clenching is ? and also wich one do you gain length quicker from? thanks.
  5. 8 X 8

    Urethral/topical tadalafil(liquid cialis) application?

    greetings. if anyone knows the size of the tadalafil(liquid cialis) molecule, and whether or not a topical application inside the urethra, using no carrier, is: 1. possible 2. effective 3. if localized absorption is strong, how much to reduce dose by? 4. any side effects of this...
  6. D

    Is it good to train the day of action?

    Hi guys, if say for example I know I am getting some play a certain day, would you recommend I take this day off Penis Enlargement? What are your guys thoughts on this? Thanks
  7. D

    Needs To Be Said

    Let's all get something straight. Nobody who's been circumcised "re grows" their "foreskin". That's a bullshit phrase, usually used by someone who's selling something. Your foreskin is gone (unless it was a teensy snip and most of the original is still present). It won't re grow. What is grown...
  8. 8

    anal -- never did understand it?

    What is the excitement of going up someone's bum? I hear it hurts, but maybe women enjoy it after a while? From the porn industry perspective, I imagine many/most only do it for the pay, and though that there are those who do it in the outside world, the norm is to not. Plus I can't imagine...
  9. J

    let me know what you think

    in the downward stretch Poisson (sitting). i dug in to my base(under fat pad).example: where you put ruler for bone pressed mesurments. frist i pulled the ligs as i read above. but after a month i got rough and rough with the ligs. until i twisted the ligs in the body. example. "with my free...
  10. penguinsfan

    I saw a John Valby show Friday night

    I saw a John Valby show Friday night at a club in Pittsburgh. The CDs I've heard over the years made me laugh a little, but the live show had me laughing my ass off. See him if you ever get a chance. And if you don't know who he is, look on Kazaa or whatever for songs like: Who Gives a...
  11. 3

    Got fucked with a strap on!!!!!

    It finally happened. It hurt like hell. If I could get over the feeling of having to poop when the dildo is in, Ild be OK> It does feel good beyonf the first 2 inches, but the first 2 burns like fuck! I must keep trying. The wife gets so turned on she bllows me for an hour straight soft and slow...
  12. GashKing

    Does Size Matter to Gay, HomoSexual Men ?

    I apologize if I am not politically correct , Gay, Homosexual men etc . . . . Ya never know these days who will get offended or insulted? Anyway, you all know what I mean and I apologize if I offended anyone. This thread may open up some people's minds to the "Gay World" or help people cum...
  13. 3


    Im buying my wife a strap on to use on me. Im getting a 5 inch dick and a 4 inch anal plug. Its all from Doc Johnson. Anyone else here do this with there wife and any advice??
  14. G

    sex with virgin girl help plz

    OK, so my GF now is a virgin, past ones weren't, we've gotten really intimate and she's getting really close to having sex with me, but is there anything I can do to make her first time easier? I've heard get her really wet with lots of foreplay, make sure she's on her back and put a small...
  15. V

    Sex for hours.

    I think I just had a huge realization. I was with my girl tonight. Usually it takes me about 15 minutes to orgasm, and I prevent my ejaculation by kegeling hard at the point of no return. After this, it takes me another 20 minutes until I feel like I'm going to come again. And well, at this...
  16. goldmember

    4-hour self-induced erection

    Guys, Just the other day, I tried the 4-hour erection technique found in the thread "enlargement through frequent erections", kinda trying to simulate priapism. I used no drugs or OTC's to induce this erection, just porn. Aside from being mind-numbing (4 hours in front of porn), it seemed...
  17. C


    the EXT was used a few times, I had bought it in hopes of wearing it all day, unfortunately I changed jobs from a desk job to construction related and its impossible to wear during the site, I dont get any real time to dedicate to it so I figured Id sell it The aneros is brand new untouched...


    Ive had an interesting thought that may have already been brought up, but I'm not sure. Anyway I was thinking about how muscles and ligament work and how they are related. What i was interested on hearing your opinions on is about recovering from a workout. For muscles I found out that it is...
  19. D

    Started covering... questions and results...

    I am almost 8" long and 5.75" thick and I was circ'ed lose enough it didnt give me any problems and during an erection I can use shaft skin to masturbate with (im not too loose, but loose enough) without lube. I noticed within the first day of just casual covering that my dick seemed to hang...
  20. T

    After Dribble

    Hey guys-- I found a great web site that tells you how to treat After Dribble. For those of you who don't know what it is -- after you get done urinating (or at least you think you are done) you shake it off, zip up and start to go about your business only to find that you really weren't...
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