1. P

    Need desparate help

    i began PE today after taking a months break because of a lump that used to be formed during penis exercises... today for 10 minutes i observed it wasnt there but it came back and in same size like it was previously. i realized there is a small part on the vein that swells up first looking like...
  2. A

    Penoscrotal web after 5 years of doing PE (pictures)

    I have penoscrotal web discomfort (not pain) after 5 years of doing PE (quite intensively sometimes even 4 months in a row with 2days on 1 day off 1,5 hour each day then 3 months off and than again few months on) I have not documented my PE journey with pictures but I presume that the skin...
  3. isaTiger

    Bathmate causing "donuting"?

    Hello I've just started getting into PE and have been at it for a month now with a routine of using the bathmate and stretching plus jelqing. I've noticed it recently as my time using the bathmate has increased to 15 minutes per session that I would get a "donut" / swelling from water at the...
  4. P

    after 3 months of PE

    maybe you guys know me from my last thread but in my last thread i said i had a curve at the end of my penis that was going down. i have been really working hard to fix that (masturbating against the curve, jelqing against the curve, and fullcruns). i almost completely lost the curve but right...
  5. ayS

    Bathmate Extreme X30 + SizeGenetics Routine = Soreness

    Hi All, I have been using the Bathmate on and off until i heard about the SizeGenetics now for about 6 months. Ever since i got the sizegenetics (almost a month now), i have been super dedicated ( and continue to be so) but last night i tried incorporating my bathmate for maybe a 5 minute...
  6. C

    Keep it warm

    I noticed when spending a lot of time in the extender my dick gets quite cold. I guess this is also due to circulation. But i have found a pretty good remedy. I had an old pair of really thick pure wool snowboarding socks. They are nice and long so i put my dick and extender into that and...
  7. Y

    I need help dealing with a donut

    I been pumping with a vacutech flared cylinder for a couple months now. I never got any expansion until recently. I'm now getting over a quarter of an inch expansion but I get a nasty donut right under my glans. Anybody know how to deal with this problem?
  8. master_mind

    Gained 0.4 inches in 17 days. SEX, phallosan, extender , DLD penis helped me.

    My erect length was around 5.25 now around 5.65 and when do the kegel push it reaches 6 inches. But I will consider 5.65 EL not fool my self by thinking 6 inches. 1. I massage my penis with size up or Sandha oil after bath. 2. L arganine zinc, l cartanine, and a home made one spoon of...
  9. A

    Bathmate not holding suction, tried many things :(

    Hello everyone, I am making this post because I have searched and searched and cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix this problem! I am a PE newbie and purchased the bathmate about 3 weeks ago. I have been extremely cautious starting out, entering the pump fairly flaccid and only...
  10. D

    Apple Cider Vinegar for Discoloration

    So I cut my penis shaving a few weeks ago and as a result a skin tag formed. I looked up ways to remove skin tags, found out applying apple cider vinegar helps. Two times a day, I've been putting it on and yes it has helped the skin tag. But what's even more interesting is the permanent bruise I...
  11. G

    A FORMER Skeptics Detailed SizeGenetics Log

    What's up MOS community! I've been using the SG for 3 months as of yesterday, and have been keeping a monthly journal over at GLL. But, I wanted to get more feedback and as well as share my journey with more people as I hope it can help someone, and I hope to get more input and advice from the...
  12. A

    Is PE Causing My Papules? :(

    hey all.first post 25 years old,did PE for about 3 months then took a break now back at it.Im havinga problem as about a month ago i noticed some PAPULeS on my penis.i dont like doc said they are BENIGN but i still dont like them.My routine is bathmate jelq bathmate.i have some...
  13. G

    Has anyone really cured a curve? If so please help me.

    Hi, When flaccid, my penis is straight. However, when erect, it curves to the left. I wish to correct my curvature. Most PE forums suggest doing erect bends against the curve , erect jelqs against the curve and stretching against the curve. After doing this however, my penis even while...
  14. J

    Curvature Correction

    So I'm trying to correct a natural curve in my penis. I'm wondering if clamping would help with this? I have a SG already and was thinking maybe do like a superset of SG than clamping. Would this stretch the penis and then fill it with blood (thus maintaining the stretch) ? Or am I totally...
  15. youknowme123321

    How old were you when you discovered PE and how did you come across it?

    I am 28 years old. I was 21 when I discovered PE. I think i found it after having watched pron for many years and all those guys have bigger cocks than me. I think I googled penis enlargement and found info on an extender. 6.5'' then and 6.5 as of the last time I measured back in 2012. I bought...
  16. S

    Help on my journey!!!

    I've been doing PE for years(on and off, clearly) and have retained very little gain. Maybe some length, definitely some glans size. I made (and lost!) some girth gains with 6 months of Bathmate. So I have questions that I would really appreciate answers on from experts. Experts are anyone with...
  17. W

    Fluid Retention?

    I came across the term "fluid retention" and wondered if I am suffering from it. I used my Penomet for three weeks (last week of December and first two weeks of January) and then stopped for a while. The skin of my penis has become loose (like a man wearing oversized t-shirt)...
  18. R

    fatigue and pain

    Ive been using the pump for about 4 months now. nothing signigicant. went from just under 5" thick to just over 5" I also do stretches and try and follow the SRT as much as i can with a sizxe gentics extender. I do notice hear and there, usually when i reach a new max out. what i mean is i...
  19. A

    The tingler

    I have had some issues with what seems to be loss of sensation from doing uli's. After a while some came back, but it seems like it's not as it used to be. I have read about how they are using electrical devices to increase nerve connectivity in spine injury patients, so I decided to try a...
  20. 1

    How do i delete my account

    Anyone ??!?!
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