1. F

    Beginner help + bath mate

    hey guys! hows everything. been on here for a while, but just started to commit to the begginer routine shown below :Basic Stretching: 3 Sets of each stretch below Behind The Cheeks to the Left: 30-seconds Behind The Cheeks to the Center: 30-seconds Behind The Cheeks to the Right: 30-seconds...
  2. M

    Penomet with VacuVin.

    Whoever came out with this idea is a genius! I tested on my Penomet and gotta say I love it! At first, I thought it would be a hard modification but I was so wrong! All I have to do is put the stopper on the valve and pump right away. I did not went straight to high pressure when I insert my...
  3. X

    pump leaving rings around base of penis, help

    So i started using the penomet about 6 months ago and currently use the green 85 gaitor. After about 15 min. of use and I am using the wine vac mod on the penomet it starts to pull pretty hard. problem is when i remove the penomet after 20-25 min. there are 2-3 rings from the green gaitor...
  4. M

    Glans enlargement

    Anyone have any success enlarging their glans? I'm looking for the most efficient/exercise that might result in more of that mushroom shape. Appreciate any tips.
  5. I

    One year and ZERO gains

    Last year around thanksgiving I received my penomet. Followed the instructions by working into it of a period of 3 months. Used the 5/5/5 method consistently. After around 5 months I incorporated the vacu vin mod. Tried upping the frequency to am and pm sessions to keep the pump. I am 6.5 nbpel...
  6. kyomoto

    Pros/Cons of Specific Equipment

    Length Equipment- Lengthmaster( Pros: -Can act as a hanger -Can provide more intense stretching than manuals -Comes with ACE wrap and Theraband wrap for wrapping...
  7. C

    My order doesn't arrive

    Hello everyone I ordered my penomet 2 weeks ago. I live in AUS. I didn't received any mail with my delivery departing so I can't even track it. The only email that I've got is for the payment!!! Why should I do ?
  8. A

    Help using the snail wine pump for an x30 mod!

    I bought a snail wine pump as I heard this pump fits perfectly over the bathmate valve. I'm having trouble using it as a vacuum mod. Does anybody know how to use this particular wine saver for the bathmate? Thanks
  9. V

    Gaiter angle up or down?

    I just got a Penomet and started using it the past few weeks. I have just the Standard version so can't switch gaiters. I started off with the angled side of the gaiter pointed down on my sac, but I found that gave me a painful pinch on the top of my dick at the base (my erection curves...
  10. K

    Penomet needed in UAE

    Hi guys I tried purchasing Penomet online but they do not ship anymore to the United Arab Emirates . I just wanted to know if anyone is selling Penomet on the forum. It could be a brand new one or an used one but it should be original Penomet Penis Pump with the gaiters
  11. eugine8plz

    Phallosan or penimaster pro

    Which do you guys prefer? What are your guys thoughts on both of these tools?
  12. Lightning

    The All New Bathmate HydroMax X50 Xtreme Hydro Penis Pump is Here with Discounts!

    The All New, Long Awaited Bathmate HydroMax X50 Xtreme Hydro Penis Pump is Now Here! This New X-50 Replaces the Goliath and is for people looking to Achieve Maximum Penis Gains by Penis Pumping with a Hydro Pump. EXCLUSIVE! Get $140 in Discounts when you Order Exclusively...
  13. S

    What to do if I the manufacturer doesn't have the spare part?

    Hey guys, I've been using the x40 extreme for a while, and really like the ease of use and extra pressure the hand pump provides. However I just recently dropped it in the shower and the plastic neck piece , (embedded at the end of the red hose), busted off the other plastic piece, the...
  14. J

    Hope this works. Road to an 8x6

    After checking out the forums for a bit I've decided to start a routine and invested in a penomet and a size genetics. I'm new to PE so worst case scenario I'll at least get some solid newbie gains with this routine. Routine I'm doing Length Warm up with hot wrap 3 reps of -1 minute...
  15. U

    Newbie in here, would appreciate an experienced opinion...

    Hey Guys, I need your help pls. I am a type 1 diabetic guy, so i invest much time on daily basis to maintain a good health. My lifestyle is already stressful and managing diabetes is really a big big challenge. I am interested on adding 1to2 inches to my tool but I really can't be...
  16. S

    Penomet Fleshlight Combo

    I recently discovered that fleshlight inserts fit perfectly into the penomet and that, because they fit so well, I find it maintains suction during a session far better with one in that without. It does however, seem to take in a substantial amunt of air and, though I seem to only be getting...
  17. Penomet

    New: Penomet User Guide

    Get the most out of your Penomet device with the newly updated version of our User Guide. As well as detailing exactly how to use your Penomet device (and specifically how the cylinder and gaiters work), our new User Guide also contains some top tips on how to get the most out of your...
  18. A

    Bathmate MaxOut-Jelqing Serum

    DLD I was going to Hydromax to see the new X50 xtreme and saw this jelqing serum on there. Have you heard of it?
  19. B

    How many PE-Exercises Should one add to routine?

    How many PE-Exercises Should one add to his routine? I was told in the past to just add one or two PE-Exercises at most to your routine to see where your gains are coming from, but I noticed some guys have more then one or two exercises to their routine. So, my question is how many exercises...
  20. kyomoto

    Someone critique my routine please

    My routine now: Stretches 3 Sets: Up Down Rotary cranks Left Right Rotary cranks Straight Bundles Behind the cheeks Hanging 2 sets: Hang weight for 20 minutes then rest and restore blood for 10 minutes Girth: Jelqing 15 minutes Erect squeeze 12 minutes, 30 second...
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