1. swedeguy

    Best choice for thick one?

    Hi all, Back at MoS after a few years of absence. Used to own a Bathmate, which I really liked. However, have since then gotten silicone injections (which I will not discuss more in this thread...) and am now too thick to fit in it. Primary I am now looking for length, but also to...
  2. M

    X30 vs X40 vs Hercules/Goliath

    Amazing site and forum! I am 6" BPEL and 5.5" middle girth and 5.75" base girth, hoping for some good gains. Which should I get: the X40, X40, X-40, X-40, or Penomet? Thanks!
  3. robodick304

    plateauing and how to get through it

    It's been a long long while since I've last posted on this site :) it's good to be back though brotha's! Today I'm inquiring about plateauing. about a year ago I finally broke past 7 inches! I am currently at 7 & a 1/4 inches, and have been stuck here for a couple months now... I know I can...
  4. X

    hydromax x30 .. too tight ?

    Hydromax x40 .. too tight ? It is a nice side effect, my first pump is too small ! I have ringmarks at the base... Common trouble. Did anybody got results with a bigger pump ? Does is stop further girth gains to stay with a too small pump ? I'm between 5'75 and 6' girth at base Between 5,4...
  5. S

    LOL you deleted the whole Penomet sub-Forum?

    Why? Because there we major unresolved issues with the product that caused many units to fail and customer support was becoming useless at replacing them? Because many customers paid for gaiter that they will probably never get? If a product has an issue, don't help them cover it up, it only...
  6. D

    Selling New, unopened Penomet Device (Premium Package)

    Hey Guys! I have a brand new, unopened Penomet Premium Package for sale. Includes all of the gators, shower strap, etc. Selling for $200. Please PM me if you are interested. -Doug Update - 6/9/14: Still have the device. If anyone is interested, please PM me.
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