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  1. A

    Bathmate brownish spots on shaft

    So I used the Bathmate since December and I noticed around early April I got these multiple brown spots on my foreskin on the shaft. I had gotten one before it went away after a couple weeks. So I kept pumping for a week or two more and decided to stop. The brown stops are still there and I...
  2. 1

    About skin stretching, bathmate water and edging

    Hey there, I'm looking for a stretch that will lengthen the skin of my shaft, so my balls will hang lower and the hairy part will go down. Who knows, maybe it will speed up gains. Also, I've recently started to pump with cold instead of hot water, I found that I can get bigger inside with...
  3. Pumpkinhead

    Getting rid of a skin lobe by pumping or what else?

    Hey PE-Experts, my issues is the shape of my penis or penile skin (Pictures below). I tried a bit Foreskin-Restoration with the TLC-Tugger, but to restorate is not my main aim. The right side of my inner foreskin produces in the limp state something like a lobe. And I know it looks not...
  4. B

    turkey neck

    Hi guys, I need some help as I am not sure what to do. I have been stretching my scrotal and my penis 2 times in every day. Today when I try to stretch my scrotal and my penis, I can see some of the skin get dry up and it got cuts. I have attached the picture for you to see. Do you know...
  5. habban

    How tight do you measure your penis?

    Hello! I just wonder.. How tight do you apply the measuring tape around your penis when you measure & how much girth gains have you made when measuring like this? It's just something i would like to know for my investigation. Thanks.
  6. A

    how much lengthmaster time to grow?

    i am switching to length only routine with only 1-2 pump sessions a week. my wife keeps telling me to stop girth training so i guess its time to take a break and focus on length. I'm doing 4 hours of lazy ass stretches also known as fowfers also known as buffalo bills would you fuck me dance...
  7. D

    discolor/beauty Apple Cider Vinegar for Discoloration

    So I cut my penis shaving a few weeks ago and as a result a skin tag formed. I looked up ways to remove skin tags, found out applying apple cider vinegar helps. Two times a day, I've been putting it on and yes it has helped the skin tag. But what's even more interesting is the permanent bruise I...
  8. O

    Question on DLD's newbie routine

    Hey guys how yo doin ' I'm new to Penis Enlargement though I have some previous posts here. I've been doing DLD's newbie routine for a month now straight - no days off and I havent noticed any changes so far so I wonder if i'm doing it right. For stretching I do everything said .. 30...
  9. DLD

    Essential SRT: The Fastest Way to a Massive Penis and a Perfect Body

    SRT Suppressed-Restricted-Transposition Theory HUGE SPECIAL ON EQUIPMENT Why do some gain penis size and others struggle in penis enlargement? Yes, we can ask this question a million times and get a million theories, none that...
  10. DLD

    SRT SRT: The Fastest Way to a Massive Penis and a Perfect Body

    SRT Suppressed-Restricted-Transposition Theory HUGE SPECIAL ON EQUIPMENT Why do some gain and others struggle in penis enlargement? Yes, we can ask this question a million times and get a million theories, none that hold more logic...
  11. M

    should I be concerned?

    <:( A few weeks ago after a long session of Penis Enlargement I noticed a slightly painful bump, about an inch up from the base of my penis, slightly to the right. The bump isn't painful any more, and is mostly prevalent when my penis is erect rather than flacid. It feels like a small BB...
  12. DLD

    Bathmate and Newbies, How to Make Huge Gains Fast!

    Get a Bathmate Hydromax, Bathmate X-40 or Bathmate X-40 Realize Instant Usable Size! Perfect for Girth and Length Expansion! ORDER DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER USING THIS LINK I thought I should make a post on this topic as I get many questions about the Bathmate and newbies wondering how to...
  13. P

    Help!! i got circumsized 3 days ago and my penis got shorter

    Guys iam really freaking out. I had to be circumsized cause of medical reasons on monday, and my penis literally has no more shaft. its like a knob, i just have the forehead. it was a very tigth cut, can it be that if to much skin comes out your penis shrinkes? anaybody knows what to do?
  14. M

    Bathmate causing skin bridges?

    Hi, I got my Bathmate yesterday and i've done 3 sessions with it so far and i'm loving it. However i looked after my session just now and it looks like i have a small skin bridge forming. I am circumcised but it was done very well leaving no skin bridges or any oddities. I really liked the...
  15. 8 X 8

    Urethral/topical tadalafil(liquid cialis) application?

    greetings. if anyone knows the size of the tadalafil(liquid cialis) molecule, and whether or not a topical application inside the urethra, using no carrier, is: 1. possible 2. effective 3. if localized absorption is strong, how much to reduce dose by? 4. any side effects of this...
  16. R

    Use Olive oil for your skin

    I have been useing Olive Oil for awhile now on my skin incl my face. This is the cooking olive oil you get but it has to be either virgin or extra virgin. Already I notice a better complexion and less fine lines. The stuff has helped me tan better too. A great cheap skin care product that...
  17. D

    Are there any pads to make wearing the extender more comfortable?

    Hi guys, I wear the extender with my penis wrapped with Curad's Scar Therapy to protect my penile skin from skin pinches that lead to injuries. However, I am running low on these pads that allow me to wear the extender comfortably with the "comfort strap" instead of the noose. I was...
  18. H

    What do you think of this 3rd type of surgery?

    Continued from since I could not edit the title: Let me know what you guys think. I found old google links to other posts about this surgery, but the accounts were closed, so I could not read the posts. There is a penis surgeon in...
  19. H

    Will someone google this new surgery for me?

    There is penis surgeon in Serbia who did a study at one of the University of California campuses on 300 men with no bad side effects. I don't know his name or contact info. Good luck finding it. But he uses biodegradable scaffolding and cuts right behind the head of the penis, slices in like a...
  20. Shadus

    "New" Girth enhancement Surgery using PLGA scaffolds

    Patent United States Patent 6465000 Method for penile augmentation with autogenous dermal cell culture Document Type and Number: Abstract: The present invention relates to a penile augmentation method comprising culturing autodermal cells in a laboratory and inserting this...
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